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    @tehom Raymond Hettinger said to me and nine other people at a Panda Express: "PEP 8 is a standard you enforce on yourself, not others."

    'Python's super() considered super!' won't save you when the angry mobs come, Raymond.

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    I generally kill people who use tabs in source code.

    FITE ME.

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    fighting kitten

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    A user added an extra set of steps to the install wiki page, detailing how to set up the admin account with its tags etc. But it also details that you need to create a new character object to connect to. Is this correct? I seem to recall having a character already when connecting as superuser, but the text suggested also superuser needed to create a new char. I changed that but could you double check?

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    Hmm, I'm running into a weird issue. Trying to start the server with a new database after running migrate returns two lines of The system cannot find the path specified. Since the only thing different is that it's a fresh db, I'm not sure what that's about.

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    @tehom If I remember right from when I first set up an Arx sandbox, before I started using sandbox copies of the real database, it's the path for part of the event logs code (server/logs/rpevents) not existing that causes that.

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    Yeah, since this was an already working copy, it already had a logs directory. It looks like something went wrong in my virtual environment, so I'll tear everything down and remake it later to test.

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    I tested on a new installation after sorting some stuff out (for some reason the version of Twisted I was using previously no longer worked, no idea why), and it does create Limbo and a character as expected with the server initial startup script. It doesn't create some of the one-to-one related models that are extensions of Account/Character, and I'll see about doing something to make that easier when I have time. I'll add something to the wikia page in the meantime, I think.

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    The comments in the code need their own upvote