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    I like what I see building here. Please continue.

  • @tinuviel said in Sanctuary:

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    play the snarky



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    Did this game go poof?

    I logged on to check it out, nobody ever on anymore.

  • I did notice that it was off to a great start, and one day everyone went poof, including the Admin. I do think that I know who the admin are, and they do commonly make games where they start great but putter out for some reason. They did seem off to a great start though.

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    I was one of the staffers there. Long story short, the server is majorly screwed up. Everything was fine at first, but over a period of time more and more people were unable to get a connection, even with a lot of communication between the head staffer and the host company. Eventually even I lost the ability to connect without having to retry several times and it was very hard to maintain a connection. Its supposedly an issue from a past event with the host, but no matter what the coder did they couldn't get the issue ironed out. Also, a lot of the support of the game (staff) bailed on the ship, so I didn't fight very hard toward the end. I really enjoyed the place though. It was one of the few places I played that had a active night group.

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