LF Coder

  • Just like it says, I'm looking for a coder who's willing to put in some weekend effort to help me get a game off the ground. I've got the theme, files, wiki, policies, all that completely ready to go. It's a Super theme MU with heavy emphasis on RP and a combination of permissive atmosphere with concrete, durable timeline.

    The setting is a fully unified DC/Marvel setting that integrates Wildstorm and Top Cow-- but accommodates everything from Dresdenverse to Ghostbusters as well. The biggest draw is that there are minimal retcons and resets. Players are encouraged and expected to act as their own 'group heads' for RP and theme, whether it's a group of 1 character or supervising an entire heroic 'family'.

    I'm looking at Faraday's Ares MUX environment as the easiest way to do this. It's supposed to be near-turnkey and can effortlessly integrate a wiki and an in-browser environment. I have a shortlist of people who are willing to do day-to-day admin work but I desperately need help just getting the system off the ground from a tech standpoint.

    Please contact me if this is something you'd be willing to help with.

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