Interest Check - Flashpoint Gotham

  • Hey everyone. Noted that this place is covered in cobwebs, but hey...that's the point of an interest check.

    I'm not sure how exactly we'd set it up yet, but I've been talking to my Gotham boys and honestly, we miss it. A lot.

    Given out work hours, timezone, and the lack of a solid support staff and coder - we were considering cranking up Gotham - Flashpoint as a play by post instead. Just wanted to know if there were any takers.

    Cheers and Happy New Year, all!

  • Pitcrew


    What is Gotham - Flashpoint?

  • @ominous Awhile ago...almost a couple years now, my friends and I were running a game set in Gotham City during the Flashpoint Paradox. We tried working out a system that was simple (but could have been better), but it folded due to a lack of state support (we're all in Australia), and due to our coder having a accident.

    Either way, we still enjoyed the setting a great deal and could think of ways to simplify it and allow for play we can keep up with.