MariaMaria's Playlist

  • X-Files MUSH: Maria
    Wing Commander: RH - Maria Raptor/Tjersland/Raynor/Kincaid...I think.
    Star Wars: Age of Alliances - Arya Stark (back before Game of Thrones was the shit) and Rose McGwennit
    BSG (I forget which one -- The one all the RH people went to): Rose
    Firan: Alyosha, Galadra, Tagda, Anorna, Rayna, Analenia and some others that I didn't play as long as these ones.

    I was curious where WORA went, and here I am. I'm still curious where all the Firans went after Firan. I personally haven't RP'd since I left the game back in 2013. I've been feeling nostalgic lately.

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