Experience Gain in nWoD 2.0 - An analysis and shit

  • @Warma-Sheen said:

    Also, the cost of things on is much lower than on The Reach because of the GMC versions being used. 2xp a week flat, plus all the other ways to get xp adds up to very powerful characters very quickly.

    I disagree. Presuming The Reach gives you 10 XP per week, and Reno only 2 XP, you would have 250 XP on The Reach and 50 XP on Reno after 25 weeks. I could probably spend 250 XP and come up with a better PC on The Reach than on Reno because nWoD (1e) encourages breadth over depth.

    I mean, when I compare Clarice (my old PC on The Reach) to Dana (on Eldritch, which uses GMC, aka nWoD (2e)), Clarice at 250 XP is probably better.

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    Correct. In nWoD 1.0 (vanilla nWoD?) you can achieve better efficiency by buying dots 1-3 for stuff, but GMC/2.0 scales much better for the last couple of dots, especially for the power stat, attributes and powers.

    So a comparison would need to come down to what kind of character you're building.

  • Pitcrew

    2nd Edition also makes min-maxing at character creation nearly impossible.

    In 1st edition, you were far better off starting with key traits high and filling in others with xp, in 2nd edition those costs remain consistent.

    The only way I know offhand to save an XP in 2nd edition is to take an out of clan discipline for your first dot for a vampire, which saves you an xp.

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    @tragedyjones Also quite right - and it doesn't screw players who don't know the 'trick' to buy their power stat in CG where it's absurdly cheaper than doing so in-game. That was always one of my gripes with 1.0.

  • Pitcrew

    @Arkandel I like that people don't have to / aren't encouraged to twink their cg build.

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    @tragedyjones I don't think twinking is a problem per se. I mean, I say that as a self-admitting twink. :) As long as you're willing to play up your character's shortcomings as well as their strengths and don't act like a jerk because you can beat up/mindfuck everyone you meet, it all comes down to the same basic question - is your PC interesting and fun to play with?

    What I dislike is players who through mechanical inexperience or just plain carelessless screw up their build by spending significantly more for the same sheet than they could have. Yes, the system ought to prevent that from happening but for instance what we're discussing here is a case where that wasn't true.

    Otherwise twinks like yours truly who plan their spends in advance will quite likely still have a slight advantage due to the increased efficiency, but products like GMC ensure that edge is kept reasonably small.