A Tool For Grid Building/Digging

  • I came to MSB today and found that I had this greeny wordy thingy next to my name, and now find myself with the overwhelming desire to learn you people how to do things.

    So, today, I will present THE EASY WAY TO BUILD A GRID!

    This revolves around a tool (a spreadsheet) created by Mike Wiley. Mike is awesome. He's The Mike. He wanted me to put his e-mail address here, in case anyone wanted to reach out to him, so... willeym@comcast.net.

    This tool creates a fast, easy way for you to input information and get the MU code to actually do stuff. This was built for TinyMUX (I think) and so might not work on other MU servers, but I think it should.

    Without further adieu, here it is: @Diggy Diggy Hole

    Note: It's Google Docs. If you don't have a google account, I strongly suggest stepping forward to year 2009 and getting one. This Google Doc is also set to read-only, so y'all can't use it. You have to copy it to your own personal google drive (via File -> Make a Copy...).


    Diggy Diggy Hole contains 3 tabs. The first (Template) is the template, into which you will input information. The second (Preview) shows a preview of what you will see in the MU itself. The last tab (Commands) will give you the actual output. You will copy and paste this into your MU and it will make things do.


    Move to your starting point. This could be your build nexus, or in another room that you want to add an additional room to. This tool will create the new room, apply descriptions and drops and etc to the entrance/exit, then move you into the room, and apply the room desc. Finally, the tool will add desc/drop to the exit (which I guess links to your starting location).


    From within the room "The Loop", I am going to create a room for "Wicker Park". I start in The Loop, then copy and paste all the commands into the MU. It creates Wicker Park, puts me into Wicker Park, then descs that room, and then descs the exit to get me back to The Loop.


    This creates one room, and one entrance/exit. If you need multiple entrances/exits (like, you can get into this building from the sewer, or the street), you will need to do that all on your own.

    This tool assumes you will type "out" to get out of the new room and back to the starting location. In the case that the room has multiple exists, you'll want to edit the command and remove "out" and "o" before you run it.

    Google Sheets doesn't seem to always spell check. So make sure to actually tell it to spell check.

    And that's all I got for now. As people look this over, I'm sure they'll find something I said/did wrong, and I'll add them to this post.

  • I've moved the copy of @Diggy Diggy Hole. It can now be found here:


    (I've also updated the link above. Cheers.)

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