MU Things I Love

  • I thought about putting this in gripes but honestly I enjoy it way too much for it to qualify.

    The struggle between knowing exactly who someone is and wanting to let them have their fun thinking they’re being super slick, but also wanting to call them out on not being as sneaky as they think they are.

    It’s this whole ‘you know that I know that you know ...’ and honestly it’s super giggles.

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    The audacity of one of my PCs. I love it. It makes me giggle endlessly. I freaking love my characters (all three of them) right now SO MUCH. They are all just delightful, even if my main is midst walking through her own personal hell in a lot of ways.

    Also, having RP partners that understand that heavy RP is heavy and can have an emotional impact, and who behave with above-and-beyond levels of caring surrounding it. While I miss my PVP days on occasion, I am finding more and more than I have more CONSISTENT and REGULAR fun in PVE environments when I aim my focus on collaboration.

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    I am capable of being a wordy poser. I don't really have a problem with others being wordy posers (within reason). But it's so relaxing sometimes to have a nice snappy scene that rolls happily along with 1- or 2-line poses.

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    @Snackness I used to be a one or two line poser, and then felt like I was sub-par to all the people that I would RP with that would do these long and flowery poses.

    Over the years, I developed into a long poser, and now feel like I MUST have at least a paragraph before it is even worthy of hitting enter.

    Now that I am stuck on a phone during the day to try and RP, it bothers me that I feel I need to have more than I do, but the limitations of typing on the phone tend to prevent the long poses.

    I wish I could get back to thinking a short pose was ok, it would make me feel better about RPing from a phone when I can.

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    @Alamias I'm the same way, started filling out my poses to 'keep up' with other people, but the person I was RPing with this time was being short and sweet and I was like YES! LET'S DO THIS!

  • When you finally find a game that reignites your love of MUSHing and makes you feel like a member of the community again.

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    When everyone is on OOCly on board and cackling delightedly at the IC drama.

  • Reading old logs of my shitty RP from years ago and realising, with spades of pride and tremendous relief, just how much my writing has improved.

  • When people tell me how amazing my storytelling bestie buddy is. I mean I already know she is but I never get tired of hearing it.

  • When another character can walk circles around yours because the player is just that good. Like, nothing to do with social dice, they just know exactly which buttons to press.

    It's simultaneously the most humbling, slightly frustrating, and impressive thing.

    alt text

    I love it. :D

  • When the @Herja gets an idea and runs full tilt with it and even with ample warning you are not prepared. It's like a brain-orgasm and it's fucking glorious.

    alt text

  • Pitcrew

    When a scene you've spent a lot of time working on comes together and runs so smoothly and so awesome and players are so invested in what's going on, and also laid back and rolling with the chaos of something large, and it's just amazing.

    Watching tiny character moments come out to shine during a huge combat is so rewarding. It can be so hard to track what's going on, so seeing people really focus on what their character would be doing - who they care about, who they protect, who they help - instead of just on winning and taking down the big bad , is so, so, SO cool.

    I feel like I'm still running off the high of this scene, because there's nothing more rewarding than writing stuff for players who take it and run with it and build on it and turn it into their own. Cooperative writing like that is why I'm in this hobby after 20+ years man.

  • I've been thinking lately about the value of escapism, and hear me out — I think it's a good thing.

    I know a lot of people look down on this aspect of RP and feel ashamed of it. But I think that sometimes if I spend too much time in my head, I'm prone to suffering from all kinds of anxieties, becoming self-absorbed, and that this is a perfectly normal, unhealthy aspect of being human. I'm only thinking about my own problems and becoming increasingly stressed by them because I just can't escape them.

    When I RP, it doesn't feel like I'm in my own head. It feels instead like I'm in someone else's head & shoes. I gain distance from myself, from my petty real life problems, and often consequently, I gain perspective.

    Honestly I had a shitty day. The why does not matter. If I spelled it out here I'd probably get laughed at because the thing that ruined my day was so unbelievably stupid. I rationally know I shouldn't be as upset about it as I am, but feels are a different story.

    But then I logged on, RPed a bit, took measures to extricate myself from the real life situation that bothered me, and now I feel better. Not having to think about it, or about me, just for a bit — a little break from myself — helped. I can now go back to that thing and see it clearly for the irrational nonsense that it was.

    Sometimes short doses of escapism can be good for mental health.

  • @Kestrel said in MU Things I Love:

    I know a lot of people look down on this aspect of RP and feel ashamed of it.


    At least for me being someone I'm not, doing things I can't, with people I can't, in situations I'll never be in... is the entire point of RP.

  • Pitcrew

    @Kestrel said in MU Things I Love:

    I know a lot of people look down on this aspect of RP

    Those people can go screw.

    It's the reason I RP too.

  • @WildBaboons said in MU Things I Love:

    It's the reason I RP too.

    It's not even just the reason we RP. It's the definition of RP.

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    Imagination is a lot more fun than most things.

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  • Pitcrew

    I have two MUing homes ATM and they are both full of people I enjoy. A+ job everyone.

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    When I utterly misread/misunderstand/misremember something and it's pretty obvious I'm posing out of my ass but instead of rolling IC being nudged to go, "...are you sure about that?" and letting me fix my mistake.

    I cannot say how much I appreciate this.

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