Apostate's Playlist

  • For the handful of people that know me and have fallen out of touch:

    Last Ojitar @ Firan
    Last Furen @ Firan
    Judante @ Firan
    Declan @ The Reach

    and now since it's about to start beta:
    Apostate @ Arx

  • Tutorialist

    I think we RP'd maybe once or twice on Firan. I was the last (I think) Daliana.

  • We were all the Last of Our Names. Thank you, Firan implosion, for that tiny bit of coolness.

  • @Cobaltasaurus Ohhh yeah, I remember, you were pretty cool. I think towards the end of Firan it was hard to get involved and the environment was pretty stilted, not sure if you found that to be the case or not, but I vaguely remember it being that time period.

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