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  • This seems like a fun exercise, even though I've never tried WoD, so the overlap here will probably be minimal. I’ve been MU*ing since 1998/1999, so there are likely many games and many of my creatures that I’ve forgotten.

    • Tales of Ta’Veren MUSH – First place I ever played, fuck me I can remember character names. The only one I’ve retained is Lara, farm girl archer who ended up joining the Valavendil adventuring group. It is probably best that it’s all a vague blur. I was a newb and pretty terrible, always been grateful to the players here who were patient with me.

    • Chicago MUSH – Old one, not the reborn version, though I’m occasionally tempted to try it. Kate the Chicago Tribune reporter

    • Harry Potter: Alere Flammas: Sally/Orah/Odette/Eru. A few others, but those were probably my ‘main’ PCs over the years there. I was also Merrow when I was on-staff.

    • TGG: Strife in my staff incarnation, too many poor dead bastard soldiers to name (my favored children were probably Singh/Byrd/Christiane, and Konstantinov for the lulz. Gallipoli is the most hands-on I've been with a campaign from beginning to end as a staffer, and I recall it fondly).

    • Steel & Stone: Jarod Rivers/Lady Rebekkah Nayland

    • Game of Bones: Kevyn the squire/newb knight briefly, before IRL ate me

    • No Return: Reece

    • X-Factor: Kade

    Lots of BSG games. I peeked into most of them at least briefly, but these were the chars I stuck with:

    • BSPacifica: Theda
    • BSGenesis: Rhea/Bell/Timon
    • BSCerberus: Cidra/Hydra as Staff
    • BSOrion: Phin/Neko
    • BSDeimos: Iris


    • Arx: Esoka
    • BSU: Calliope

    Lots of other places that I flitted away from quickly and without note. I am better at creating characters than sticking with them, apparently, unless the planets are properly aligned.

    Edited to add some names, since I'm playing semi-actively again at this exact moment.

  • Pitcrew

    As far as places to start MU*ing the original ToT was pretty good. My first real start too, as Rogan and Einone IIRC.

  • Pitcrew

    Come back. Kevyn's player! Come back!

  • Hooray Striiiiiiife!

  • There is an old face I didn't expect to run into.... - This is War from TGG :P

  • WAR.

    Oh my gosh, dude! :+1:

    So happy to know you're still out there in the great, wide Internet.

    I will now have to bother Pestilence to see if I can get him to post here.

  • I took a long break from online gaming. I think I'm going to get back into the swing of things. Kinda with a place to hang up my hat right now. Checking out a place called "The 5th Wave" that seems pretty cool.

  • @CitizenBum Every time I look at that place, it seems hardly populated. Is it any good so far?

  • @Monogram Waiting for my character to be approved. I should be able to report back tomorrow with some info.

  • Pitcrew

    Good times in the past.

    • Kell

  • Kell-ster!

    I am happy I made this thing. I have missed all you guys, and am glad you're still kicking around these dumb games.

  • Pitcrew

    Cid Space :)

  • Updated. I am trying the Arx thing/trying to get back into the BSG swing of thing at Fara's BSU. Games!

  • Pitcrew

    Oh hey, I've played with Esoka. Keep up the good work!

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