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  • So I'm bringing in a friend who has heard of MUDs and table top and likes to RP and wants to try it. He's on a PC and I don't know what to suggest he get as a client since I refuse to let go of my registered SimpleMu* so I don't know what's new and "better".

    Any suggestions, or should I just give him my SimpleMu* to him as I've done in the past? He's new blood, so I don't want to scare him away learning a new program and all the commands!

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    I was a stubborn SimpleMU user until I finally forced myself to switch. It's a similar enough interface to Simple (IMO). The dual-input windows are a dream (don't lose your pose if you have to check a news file or respond to a page!). I like how it handles spawns far, far better than Simple (I hated how Simple did it so much I just never used them). And being able to run multiple logs at once is nice (I have mine set to start a log as soon as I connect to a world, but then I'll start up another to capture a specific scene if I know I need to log it).

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    @Auspice But no inline spell-checker. What a tragedy.

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    @Arkandel said in Client suggestions:

    @Auspice But no inline spell-checker. What a tragedy.

    Eh, I've never used a spellchecker. So it's never been an issue for me or something I, honestly, even remember to consider (I should check my spelling privilege).

    There is (I think on these boards even) a walkthrough for how to add a spellchecker.

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    I second Potato.

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    Potato potato potato.

  • SIMPLEMU! I'm one of the remaining holdouts that patently refuses to make the jump. >.> I love my SimpleMU and have no desire to learn a whole new client.

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    @Miss-Demeanor said in Client suggestions:

    SIMPLEMU! I'm one of the remaining holdouts that patently refuses to make the jump. >.> I love my SimpleMU and have no desire to learn a whole new client.

    I felt the same. Mostly due to getting ragingly mad the two times I tried to switch to MUSHclient.

    But Potato... was easy to switch to, in the end. It was similar enough to Simple and oh man that dual input. Mmmmmm.

  • Dual input isn't enough to make me learn a new client. Also, Potato spawn windows are kinda... stupid. All <3 for the SimpleMU spawns!

  • I do Duckclient, purely for the spellchecker.

  • Potato does have a spell-checker component, it just doesn't check as you type.

  • I'm really not worried about spellcheckers, honestly. I'm more wondering about ease of use so new blood doesn't get scared off.

  • @Insomnia Duckclient is really simple to use.

  • SimpleMu

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    @lordbelh said in Client suggestions:

    @Insomnia Duckclient is really simple to use.

    I use DuckClient at work and it's so neat, y'all.

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    I usually use telnet, which everybody else finds disgusting. lmao I tend to agree, but it's installed on every computer ever at this point. It's built right into the system.

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    I think every client, for entry level, is about the same to learn (how do you connect, where do you put the address components, interface is really the same once you're in, you type and hit enter). I would throw my vote to potato for the dual window for someone new. Because typing a pose and fielding pages or wanting to talk on a chan can be a headache until they master cut/paste short key. I recall way back when it being slightly aggravating to have a pose and someone demanding a response from me, that was on telnet, but still.

  • I use 3 regularly.

    I use Atlantis on the Macbook, MUSHclient on the PC and VMOO when I am coding on a MOO or ColdMUD.

    I like them all, but Atlantis is probably my favorite.

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    I'm a fan of Mudlet, and it meets all of my needs for all kinds of MU's

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