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  • For talking about fitness things and weight loss and passing silent judgment on the people who don't post.

  • Tutorialist

    I walk. I walk and someday I'll beat my soda addiction.

  • @Cobaltasaurus I never will beat that. I love my diet cherry vanilla dr pepper. If you put a splash of heavy cream in it, it tastes like a melted milkshake. SO. GOOD.

  • Pitcrew

    Ahh, fitness. God knows, I do plenty of walking -- work is about 25 minutes away on foot, so I spend upwards of an hour getting in exercise that way.

  • Running and body balance/yoga! I totally can do this :P

  • Pitcrew

    We got fitbits last year, winter is harder to keep up with the steps but all summer/fall since getting them I was managing the 10,000 steps a day walking. It took effort, I have to admit, but it felt good to be doing. I live in a small town where almost everything is within walking distance.

  • I cannot find my fitbit charger, but when I do, I'll share my name thing. I need fitbit friends!

    Yay everyone, I like all this. :)

  • Love my fitbit! Slightly stalky but...

    Happy to share name by PM

  • Pitcrew

    I don't have a lot of fitbit friends, I don't know a lot of people with them - but happy to give people my email/fitbit id to add me. It's rather motivating to see how well other people you know are doing with it. (Example: My youngest brother is an ER doctor so he gets an insane # of steps in, I'm determined to at least match him on the weekly steps even if I can't match him on the daily.)

  • Does it count if I say I was in the military... Injured... I WAS IN PHENOMINAL SHAPE ONCE DAMNIT! Don't judge me and my chocolate ice cream ... q.q

  • @ThatOneDude said:

    Does it count if I say I was in the military... Injured... I WAS IN PHENOMINAL SHAPE ONCE DAMNIT! Don't judge me and my chocolate ice cream ... q.q

    I have previously prescribed icecream for patients :P It is a totally valid thing ...

  • Starting last year, for the first time in my life my abs aren't defined and flat anymore.

    I think my job is fattening me up. I need to start exercising more.

    Edit: Not counting when I was a fat little baby of course.

  • I was really thin once. Like I was a designer size 2 in the late 90s. I was really poor and could only afford my one meal at work.

    Never mind that I had $1000 shoes from nordys and yet lived in a trailer. What a mess. Good times. Good times. Lol.

  • Pitcrew

    Switch to water and diet drinks. Avoid white foods (rice, flour, potatoes) as much as you can. 30 mins walking or something similar.

    Won't claim it is easy but can be done. Lost 15 odd kilos myself.

  • @Usekh said:

    Avoid white foods (rice, flour, potatoes) as much as you can.

    The white food is trying to keep me down!

  • Diet drinks won't help you lose weight. They make your body crave sugar. You should only be drinking them if you're diabetic and can't have sugar.

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    I stopped smoking over eight years ago, which resulted in my gaining weight, but I haven't drank any Coke (despite temptation) in three weeks, and I'm going back to kung fu and riding my bike around, so I should shed some weight soon. I remember when I was a teenager and weight was a non-issue because my metabolism was of the gods.

  • @Admiral You likely shouldn't be drinking diet sodas even if you are diabetic; studies suggest that consuming diet sodas may increase insulin resistance. I've also found that they are one of the things that triggers IBS for me.

    What helped me lose weight was sticking to the "no S" diet: no sweets, no seconds, and no snacks except on days that start with S. (Google "no S" for the site.) Other things happened that led me to stop eating that way, so I have gained about ten pounds back that I'm fighting to lose now that winter makes walking to and from work impossible.

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    Dailyburn is what helps me get through the winter.

    I have kids now, and Dailyburn allows me to work out on my schedule. You can stick to a program, set goals, and have the system monitor it for you. Or, like me, you can simply use it to have a guide for individual workouts that I select on my own, depending on what goals I have for the month.

    You can connect to Dailyburn via a web browser or by app. I prefer the web browser version over what you can get for the iPad or iPhone. I used it when I was in Toronto a few months ago, and did a workout in my hotel room.

    Like all video workout programs, it takes some time to get used to each workout. The trainers presume you have a basic level of adroitness and athletic ability, and that you are balanced (that is, you've got commensurate skill and dexterity from head to toe). They have a True Beginner system, but I can see that being challenging for someone just starting up.

    But, and I cannot stress this enough, its strength lies in its versatility. I use it to supplement when I do primarily, which is interval-timed exercises. I intend to use it to keep my cardio and leg-strength up so I can get back to running in the spring. My ultimate goal is to make Army Ranger training requirements, just because.

  • Pitcrew

    @Cobaltasaurus said:

    I walk. I walk and someday I'll beat my soda addiction.

    Soda is my vice.

  • Like others here, I have a Fitbit that I use. With winter and a recent schedule change, life has been sorta hectic for my workout plans. I'm down a tremendous amount of weight, but recently tore my meniscus (on Christmas Eve, nonetheless). I'm just now getting back into a lifting program (Stronglifts 5x5), and have tried to walk a bit more (used to clear 10k to 15k steps per day). My specialist says I shouldn't run, and that has really put the kibosh on my running program (Zombie 5k training...good stuff). Happy to share info for FitBit friends.

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