What Do You Collect?

  • In light of the fact that I am slowly getting into collecting - very slowly due to lack of space and/or funds! - I thought I'd ask what people like to collect.

    Thanks to my recent delving into LootCrate, I've decided that I am going to get into collecting Funko stuff. I got their Dorbz Power Armor figure in my first Lootcrate and it sealed my fate! I wanted to get into collecting Pop!s and stuff for a while but the Dorbz really sold me on them. I came across a little extra money thanks to a lost-and-found Amazon gift card and got the Voltron Pop! for around $9. So... yes. The slippery slope. I start down it.

  • Coder

    Slang, current and out-dated, plus their origins if at all possible.

  • Pitcrew

    Spores, molds, and fungus.

  • Chinese board wargames.
    Wind instruments.
    Hard liquors.
    Tea paraphernalia.
    Microcontroller unit development boards.

  • Stories, whenever possible. (Hokey as fuck? Yes, but still true.)
    Vintage and antique precious metal threads and embellishments for embroidery.
    Ball jointed dolls (on major long-term hiatus because so, so very broke these days).
    Seashells/fossil coral/pebbles/weird stuff that washes up on the beach. (Mostly found, very few bought.)
    Unfinished game wikis. (No comment.)
    Costume and fashion history books.
    Blue and green nail polish.
    Bizarre and/or obscure jobs. (Usually ends up circling back to #1 on the list.)

  • Movie Marketing and Release Posters
    Hardcopy Books
    Starwars Dolls
    Unique and Rare Starwars Paraphenelia
    Vintage G1&2 Transformers
    Vintage G1&2 GI Joes
    Robotech/Macross Mecha
    Petite Stuffed Animals

  • Just bad memories.

  • Firearms and animal skulls, specifically those able to be arted up by my brother.

  • Pitcrew

    Heroclix. Fallout stuff. My girlfriend is the real collector, she does vinyl and cassettes, plus Pops! and dorbz.

    ETA @Apu apparently there is a vibrant Funko culture, my local Comic shop just had a swap meet last weekend with a couple dozen people.

  • @tragedyjones

    Yeah, Funko has quite a following from what I understand/have seen evidenced via YouTube. I am not sure if it's the figures that draw the fan base or if it is the particular fandoms the company represents being popular or if it is a case of both, but there are a lot of people who collect, etc!

  • Roleplaying games.
    Reference books for role playing game design.
    Steam games I won't play.
    Decks of playing cards.
    Tarot decks.

    ETA: I don't collect per se, but I am the repository for name plates of people I know who have left companies I am at. The name plate graveyard.

  • Pitcrew

    Big one first
    Comic Books.
    Roleplaying games especially odd small press ones that show up on the used shelf at the local game store if i haven't heard of it and it is under $15 I guarantee I will go home with it.
    Wrestling stuff, mostly magazines but also other items.
    And while I don't really call it a collection since I mainly got them when I was working at a factory and allowed to listen to head phones on the job, so spent 40 hours a week listening to music. I have a metric crap ton of CDs, mostly punk and ska, with some other stuff thrown in.

  • Pitcrew

    Shot glasses.

    I don't know how it happened - I haven't even been a drinker for years now. But I have eleventy billion of them, and it's gotten to the point where people just give them to me 'because I know you collect them'. I do have a couple of really neat ones, but like...what was I /thinking/? Ten years ago I displayed them and so on. Now they're just dusty up in a cabinet out of the way somewhere, because...shot glasses.

  • Coder

    Audio drama podcasts.

    (Welcome to Nightvale/Alice Isn't Dead/Within the Wires, Our Fair City, Ars Paradoxica, and because it's about storytelling I'll include The Myths & Legends Podcast which you absolutely must listen to, go now, go go.)

  • Funko Pop! is the new Beanie Babies. Only its using popular franchises so more likely to stick around longer. :)

    I collect pins & buttons. I love my pins and buttons, got some that are nearly as old as I am!

  • Pitcrew

    Pokémon, I'm a trainer. I catch them in pokeballs and take them to gyms. I will be the best trainer there ever was ... oh wait, that's from the show, its not me.

  • Coder

    Mud code
    Metal miniatures
    Board wargames (english)

  • Politics


  • Admin

    Transmogs, apparently.

  • Sunglasses. Used to be nametags.

  • Paper, especially notebooks.
    Pens to go with the paper.
    Foreign currency
    Coffee mugs
    Hardbound books
    Decks of cards (playing and tarot)
    Comic books (more trades than issues these days)

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