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    @Sunny said in Coming soon: Lawless Space MUSH:

    @fatefan said in Coming soon: Lawless Space MUSH:

    I have come to realize I remember jack shit about setting up a wiki beyond getting it installed and running. This is, I think, the biggest obstacle slowing me down before I open up the game for interested testers/players/etc.

    Paging @surreality and @ixokai. Since I know you both have such copious amounts of free time...

    (Any advice for this person?)

    Hm. I'm not sure where to begin with such a general question.

    @fatefan what are you wanting to do? Set up templates? Look & theme?

  • Can help, but still out of town and useless until Monday at the earliest. (In novice finger typing land until then.)

  • @ixokai If you have any links to useful and idiot-accessible guides to templates, namespaces, and that sort of thing, that would rule.

  • So I think this place could use a couple more pairs of eyes to test stuff out, see what's broken or otherwise not working, what could be improved, etc.

    Any parties interested in or willing to toss some feedback my way can check out the little setup I currently have at

  • I poked around a little bit and I am still SUPER PUMPED about this.

    One suggestion I'd make, and maybe you might be working on this already, but CGen and especially CGHelp is very bare bones. You include a link to the Fate Core SRD in your news files and it's great, but it's more oriented towards GMs. I think some unique examples of how players might set up aspects, stunts, and extras in this particular setting would go a long, long way for making the system feel more welcoming and show off how versatile it is, especially for people who have never played it. This definitely seems like a game that might be a little more geared towards self-starters, but it couldn't hurt.

  • Make Rocket Raccoon as an example.

    Annnnd Bender Bending Rodriguez.

    Perhaps the Stainless Steel Rat.

  • @Wizz and @Misadventure I appreciate the suggestions! I'll see what I can do to offer some useful examples.

  • @Misadventure said in Coming soon: Lawless Space MUSH:

    Make Rocket Raccoon as an example.

    Annnnd Bender Bending Rodriguez.

    Perhaps the Stainless Steel Rat.

    Yeah, instead of or in addition to random examples actually putting together character sheets is a great idea, I think it would help some of the concepts behind CG gel for Fate newbies, especially since some of it is kinda abstract.

    Another thing I noticed is that the application news file is pretty vague in terms of what limitations, if any, are in place aside from not just setting yourself up as supreme leader. What's the skill cap? Refresh, if not 3? How will players buy extras?

    One idea I actually liked from the other couple Fate games I've seen is an additional restriction on alts, where only one or two are allotted a high Refresh to buy powers. It'd be kind of fun to give people your one (or whatever) "crazy-go-nuts" powerful character and then encourage the rest to be a little more mortal in my opinion, but YMMV.

  • In order to help keep up some momentum, I've decided to look for expanding my currently-one-person staff.

    Anyone interested to help with, say, wiki stuff? Or helping me smooth out some code bugs?

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    I found this life-changing picture and immediately wrote a 32-page background for a character, WHERE ARE MY SPACE ADVENTURES

  • @Wizz they're at LAWLESS SPACE!

  • I've been crawling along with this, although I think the space I'm trying to carve out for it has some decent overlap with Lost Dominion (the staff of which definitely have their shit together more than I do!)--so I find myself wondering if I should continue on or turn my attention elsewhere.

  • Dude, you have at least one fan of this idea who thinks it stands on its own merits. I would absolutely love to see a more freeform sort of game that isn't tied down to a specific IP like this and I've been boiling over with character ideas. I really wish I could offer more than just encouragement right now :'(

    Ultimately, do what you feel is right in your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pitcrew

    I would say go ahead and make it if you are still wanting to make it. I think there is room enough for both games.
    True both are fate games with high tech but not exactly the same feel. I plan on giving Lost Dominion a try but I am also looking forward to Lawless Space.
    That said making a game is a lot of work so if the presence of a similar game effects your mental calculus on making your own I don't think anyone (sane) would fault you either way.

  • I am still working on this, although my activity has dropped a bit during the semester. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks, as classes end, I can dedicate enough time to tighten this thing up for a "beta open" to see what all needs to be smoothed out.

    So, get your most awesome, gonzo, and ridiculous sci-fi character ideas ready.

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