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  • Pitcrew

    Cause everyone seems to be doing it. These are the ones I remembered. I'm sure there will be some hatorade, but whatevs. People have changed and learned over the years.

    Mystick Krewe: Lily
    Let the End Times Roll: Laurel
    Devilshire: Amanda
    HeroesMUSH: Claudine
    StringTheory: Claudine
    Naruto Rivalry: Maia
    Ravenswood Academy: Jolie and Aya
    Scion Monsters and Moshpits: Maia, Erika, Melanope
    The Reach: Amanda and Sister Mary Catherine
    Fallcoast: Birdy
    Fallen World: Reverie
    Coral Springs: Claudine and Aya

  • Tutorialist


    I was Rose and Lily on LTETR. :D We had fun times there :D

  • Pitcrew

    OMG I remember. That was a fun place. I think that was at peak Buffy MU*.

  • Hi there. I was Rain, Miruan, et al on Scion, I played Mara on Reach Briefly, and uuh... I was Muriel on Ravenswood. Good to see you about.

  • Coder

    Hey Maia! I played Layla @ Monsters and Moshpits!

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