Brak Sector MUSH

  • Pitcrew

    Does anyone have a copy of this game they would be willing to distribute? I recall it having some very solid D6 coding and while it might need some policy modernization to emphasize cooperative story telling I imagine it might provide a good foundation for a D6 game. Not that I'm necessarily pitching anything, yet.

  • Pitcrew

    Read title. Got super excited that this was a mush about Brak? Maybe Zorak? Maybe Moltar?

    Disappointed. Bye. :(

  • Never played Brak Sector, but Dahan's D6 is still out there. Its pretty solid. The latest version is for D6 Space which is easily converted to star wars. has a download section and there is a lot of stuff there from the old days. Some of the space codes, economy systems (a faction head can set up a payscale so everyone gets paid), lots of goodies from bygone days.

    I picked it up and am playing with a D6 game.

  • Pitcrew

    Was D6 Dahan the Brak Sector MUX? I remember the head wizard wouldn't let that codebase go for some reason.

  • Pitcrew

    My recollection (now 15 years old) is that one guy coded it but another guy ran it was possessive about the code base to which the other guy, in sometimes typical coder fashion, didn't care because he just enjoyed the hobbiest coding bit.

    So it may well have been lost but I was hoping that at some point maybe the owner may have preserved it/allowed someone else to have it and that it's still sitting in the corner of a HDD or CD somewhere.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah it seemed to me that Wiz 1 ran it but Wiz 2 coded it all up. And it was like incredibly detailed code. Was that Dahan? Like it even had the ability to program shields so that they only faced fore instead of aft. And there was squad code and grenades and a map... it was insanely detailed.

  • Pitcrew

    @GentlemanJack Probably. The space system was real-time for driving about but any vessel could pause local space and everybody would be frozen where they were in the space map. Which would allow the gm to incriment rounds for positioning with all the d6 space rules available through the actual ship objects. Really neat for setup possibilities.

    Dunno if that was Dahan or not but I feel like it wasn't.

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