• Pitcrew

    I know this is probably a terrible idea. But it's the middle of winter and I'm feeling kind of blah and in the mood to do something off the wall as a way of shaking myself up.

    There are currently no listed active Technocrat characters on City of Hope. And, because this means there aren't any other people in the sphere to deal with, I now kind of want to put together a gang of Void Engineers who crew a spaceship and have hair-raising adventures exploring the universe and dealing with mind-blasting alien horrors.

    Sort of Firefly meets Star Trek meets Prometheus meets The Colour Out Of Space meets Warhammer 40,000, but with less EMPRAH.

    Convince me that this is a ghastly notion and it would hurt less to slap myself in the face with an unabridged dictionary. Or volunteer. Either works. Dibs on playing the icy blonde science officer, if it's the latter.

  • Oh gosh ... that is almost tempting enough to step out of retirement.

  • Pitcrew

    From a certain perspective, if you spend all your time on the ship (after all, you're not required to take shore leave), it doesn't actually count as being out of retirement. It's just, um, a very opportunistic kind of online tabletop.

  • I have been working on a Techno for some time, but warbling around different ideas. Count me in as cap'n tightpants or plucky pilot (or both!)

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    Darling, I would be there in a second, but this is City of Hope we're talking about.

  • @Ganymede Just RP on the ship and during our self-contained plots. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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    @Jennkryst said in Technocracy!:

    Just RP on the ship and during our self-contained plots. PROBLEM SOLVED.


    Autumn knows where and how to find me. I call dibs on being the Chaplain.

    "Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean."

  • Pitcrew

    @Jennkryst @Ganymede

    Just RP on the ship and during our self-contained plots. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    Basically that. I think the best thing about City of Hope is that they pretty much leave you alone to do what you want. If you never want to interact with anyone other than crew members (and, no offense to the good RPers there, but I can totally understand why you wouldn't), you don't have to do that.

    Probably we should have a gentlepersons' agreement to the effect that if people want to RP with the rest of the game, they totally can, but do not bring it back to the group. So the ship always remains a sanctuary from the outside, er, world.

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    @Autumn said in Technocracy!:


    Then let us proceed.

    I guess this must mean I have to pull out my Techno Guide.

  • I'll need to pull out my Techno stuff too ... but I'm totally in @Autumn if you'll have me. :) I could use some MU RP. Its been too long. I could be a ship's doctor or something?

  • Pitcrew

    @Ataru Oh, absolutely! The more the merrier, I think. Even if we somehow got more people than could realistically crew a spaceship, we could work something out where we kick it old-school Dungeons and Dragons campaign style and various sub-groups go on missions depending on who showed up that day.

  • Coder

    This... sounds like the best idea ever. But I don't have OMage Revised books anymore, just M20!

  • Pitcrew

    @ixokai Well, we can definitely fix that in one way or another.

  • @ixokai said in Technocracy!:

    This... sounds like the best idea ever. But I don't have OMage Revised books anymore, just M20!

    Let Freedom Ring is a 20th game that has openings, if you want to Techno there. Philly Spehsshipz.

  • Followup idea: Dangernoodle group for LFR. SNEKS.

  • Coder

    @Ganymede That's a Sister of Battle, not a Chaplain, but still an awesome picture.

  • For others on the Techno train ...

    I've created my bit ... name Frost.

    She'll be a Progenitor and the med officer for the ship. Working out details. Page me if you're on :)

  • Pitcrew

    I always underestimate either how long original recipe Mage chargen takes me to finish. Or else I overestimate how much time I have on weekends.

    Still. Science Officer Juliette Keyes will be, um, reporting for duty in the next day or two, approval permitting.

  • Medical Officer Helen Frost should be reporting for duty around the same time. I hope to have her done tonight or tomorrow and ready for approval. Whee :)

  • Pitcrew

    Agent processing complete! Feel free to poke Juliette, while I figure out what I'm doing again. Not that I'm certain I ever knew in the first place.

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