+repose command for TinyMux

  • Coder

    Hi all. I've just finished up my latest project.

    The +repose command will pull the last 30 minutes worth of poses that have happened in a room. This is useful for when you spam your screen (+sheet, mail, jobs, etc) and don't want to scroll back up, or if you get disconnected and lose your buffer, or if you join a scene late and miss the scene set/introduction.

    It allows for you to exclude rooms, turn it off in rooms you own, or temporarily turn it off anywhere. You can also clear the repose log.

    Using the command looks a little like this:

    <----------------<< Recent poses as of 16:25, server time. >>---------------->
    Pikachu posed at 16:24:
    	Pikachu says "Hello there my name is Pikachu! What's your name?"
    skew posed at 16:24:
    	skew glowers. "Don't talk to me, electric rat."
    <---------------------------------------------------------------<< +repose >>>

    If anyone's interested, it's here: https://github.com/skewskewskew/MUSHCode/blob/master/Repose Reposer <rr>

    As ever, I'll help install and the like, if you want it on your game.

    Known issue: The code uses secure(), which strips your pose of commas and parentheses. This is likely something I could get around, but a combination of limited coding knowledge and already having coded it all before I noticed an issue means this was the best solution. Plus, if someone just needs a reminder of what they missed, it's not a big deal.

  • Coder

    Minor update logged in the github.

    It was failing to capture poses started with semicolons and whacks, cause I'm a dummy. All good now.

  • Coder

    Major update. Basically my whole way of capturing + storing poses was wrong and backwards. Now using objeval() and some manual securing via edit() (to remove square brackets) and storing the evaluated pose as an attribute.

    If anyone is actually using this (which, really, I think it's just my games), please just treat it as a reinstall. You don't need to redo the initial setup, but changes were made to 5? 6? attributes. You should be able to just copy+paste into Muxify (on firefox, if you're using Windows) and it should work, but ya know.