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    @Lisse24 said in MU Pacing:

    Yes, I am looking at you @Ganymede, Mr. Auf der Schmermerter.

    Herr Neun auf Schwerter. And, if you'll recall, Cai was super boring. Kind of.

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    The reason introductions suck is because a lot of people approach them as like interrogations.

    "What's your name? How long have you been [around here/on this ship/doing this thing]? Where are you from?"

    It's never natural.

  • Pitcrew

    @Gilette Introductions in the real world are almost never like that so I don't understand why people role-play them like that.

    People tend to meet when their circumstances see them doing the same task together, whether that's working, studying, drinking, playing games or otherwise, and first meetings tend to center entirely around that activity. People get to know each other a little bit as they do something together, and if they enjoy each other's company they seek to meet again either to repeat the experience or try a new one.

    "Getting to know someone" doesn't happen in a single meeting like role-players seem to think. It might be an attempt to establish immediate friendships and skip the boring parts, but the resulting role-play tends to be bland and boring.

  • Pitcrew

    I vastly prefer the slow burn... but at the same time my time to actually scene with people is very limited. It's hard to do a slow-burn friendship that can result in anything meaningful when you can only manage a couple of scenes together a month. Sometimes for other Plot reasons, things have to be rushed


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