Tek's Playlist

  • Pitcrew

    I've only been MU*ing for about two years now, so my list is shorter than some others. I might edit this later if I realize I've forgotten something. I would love to hear from folks who enjoyed playing with me who I've lost touch with.

    The 100: Madelyn, Fayet, Sarah (The Mountain Man shrink)
    Arx: Nigel, Paloma, Ariella
    Kushiel's Debut: Eloise, Nakhtmin
    Fallcoast: Theodosia (briefly)

    Blood of Dragons: Orene
    Battlestar Orion: Elena, Rowan, Miri
    The Eighth Sea: Katalin
    Arx: Ianna, Oona

  • Pitcrew

    Edited to reflect my brief stint on Fallcoast

  • Pitcrew

    Added past and present Arx activity!


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