Amazon & Amazon Smile (and Homeless Backpacks)

  • Pitcrew

    I am pretty sure everyone around here probably shops on Amazon once in a while at least. They have this thing, Amazon smile, that makes a donation to the charity of your choice whenever you purchase eligible items. Log in to instead of, and you can choose what charity. If you don't have one, please search for Homeless Backpacks in Lacey, WA or Olympia, WA -- I don't remember which it's listed as. I can provide more info on the charity if needed, but they're a great group. They feed local homeless high schoolers, the group most likely to be in circumstances where they're unwilling (or unable) to deal with the safety net of public services (a lot of them have simply left foster care or the like).

    This doesn't impact your purchase prices or anything, it's just Amazon letting its customers choose where the company's charitable donations go.

  • Thank you for the heads up. This is local for me and I'd never heard of it. I'll be looking more into it.

  • Pitcrew

    I have been personally involved with this group off and on for a couple of years now, and they do everything they say they do. They're just now getting the attention of some of the monster charities and are probably going to expand the program, but the basis of it is feeding local children directly, without any of the hassles that the children would have if they were trying to get other types of adult help. Right now they're serving a few counties. There's a lot of on the ground direct work.

  • This is brilliant. I'll be spreading the word.

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