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  • Pitcrew

    Oh my fucking god. There is a FB group called "Show Me Your Aspics"!

    As a lifelong fan of these I am over the moon. I would love to do a cocktail and aspics dinner party sometime though I think my local crew's stomachs would rebel...

  • @mietze

    My nana used to make tomato aspic that was so good. It was just tomato juice and lemon jello, as far as I remember. real simple fare as was everything else she would make, but it was wonderful.

  • Creative problem solving with repurposed objects.

    There are about a dozen long-winded explanations that would be required for it to make sense. The tl;dr is that I like a certain kind of yarn, because it is neato-keen. I have studied various means of producing it and can do all the ones I've read up on or been taught by my former mentor and came up with a few more variations on those themes as well. None of these methods are without their share of 'that is a lot of hoop-jumping pains in the ass' or 'more money than you could ever afford to spend or would ever make back' on a machine that can only be described as 'you didn't really need a living room, either, did you?' or 'oh, you really think you can get one of those vintage refurbs they only ever made a dozen or so of in the 40s in the first place and there's only one presently known of on earth known to still work?'

    Over the past two weeks I have found a way of drastically reducing the amount of ass-pain this causes with a weird little widget ordered from the UK, a cordless powered screwdriver, and a combination ash tray/trash can. It isn't quite on par with the speed or ease as the thing that'd cost as much as a brand new luxury SUV and take up roughly the same amount of space, but it's one hell of a lot closer than it was and it takes up the amount of space as, well, a 12 inch diameter, 3ft tall trash can.

    This just might work. Yay.

  • Pitcrew Banned

    Weapons in general. Guns, knives, they're all fucking fantastic

  • Can I have my downvotes back? I love my downvotes.

  • Coder

    @Meg said in RL things I love:

    Can I have my downvotes back? I love my downvotes.

    Winnie the Pooh's original voice actor died November 22, 1992.

    (I might not be able to vote you, but I can bring you down.)

  • Coder

    @Ex-FaviIIa-Surgo said in RL things I love:

    Weapons in general. Guns, knives, they're all fucking fantastic

    I've always been partial to the Panzer VI Tiger.

  • Admin

    I watched It over the weekend and had a blast! So much screaming from the audience throughout the movie.

    Also, is it weird whenever I watch a horror movie I wonder what would happen if Sam and Dean showed up?

  • Pitcrew

    I literally just heard one of the kids across the street yell, "Mom, do you love me?!?!"

    And because the kid was being a complete shit, she just replied "No." That lady is savage af.

  • Pitcrew

    I adopted a cat today:
    alt text

  • And she is naming him Catface.

  • ITYM Catty McCatface.

  • That is a pretty cat.

  • Pitcrew

    His name will be Action Jackson.
    aka AJ
    aka Action Jackson on the Scene!

    not Catface damnit.

    alt text

  • He will be Catty McCatface to me for all time.

  • So, I'm getting into weird-ass Chinese pendants now.

    The first batch are carved ox horn. They are, respectively, a lotus blossom, some weird Buddhist iconography, and the badass warrior god Erlang Shen. (How badass is he? In Journey to the West, after Sun Wukong/The Monkey King pretty much cleans up on all of the heavenly forces of the Yellow Emperor and is close to final victory, Erlang Shen fights him to a standstill.)

    These next ones ... aren't particularly SFW after the first image, so I'm not going to actually inline the rest.
    #1 front view.

    #1 rear view.

    #2 front view.
    #2 rear view.
    #2 with necklace.

  • Pitcrew

    @WTFE -- Considering that I have a pretty massive collection of BPAL and my favorite line is by far the Lupercalia releases, I feel morally obligated to upvote weird Chinese sex pendants. What can I say? Deep down, I have the sense of humor of a fifth grade boy.

    (With that said, if you don't know what BPAL's Lupercalia line is, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LOOK THAT UP WHILE AT WORK. Don't. Just don't. There's a lot of dicks, and while they're usually hilarious, HR reps are required by federal regulation to have no sense of humor.)

  • I can't be the only one who clicked those links and thought "but those are all the rear view." My inner 12 year old is strong this morning too.

  • Pitcrew

    I just want that lotus blossom one. ;.;

  • Admin

    On the last week of probation at my new job it didn't hurt that one of the incoming client reviews I got asked that they clone me.


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