Atomic Highway: How Granular To Go?

  • Like many others, I'm in love with Fury Road and am weighing whether to try and code up an Atomic Highway-based MU*.

    But the big question for me is: how granular to go for constructing it? Characters start out with various "things" (objects, vehicles, etc.) and I recognize that there's a fine line between making use of tradeable/manipulatable objects and going full-blown MUD. But where is the line, exactly (or where should it be)? What would likely draw people in vs. turn them away?

  • You might want to talk to the staffer at No Return, which has a very fun 'item scavenging' system: I was surprised by how fun it was, back when I had the time and energy to play there, and they seemed to strike a good balance to keep things from devolving into MUD-style object silliness.

  • ERRRRRR! Derail.

    The fuck. A zombie MUSH? Any good?

  • The staff and players were decent during my (short) time there. Life and its demands, alas. I have no horror stories, which is as good a recommendation as any. Germane to this thread, they had a unique but not over-powering code setup that I felt worked to enhance RP rather than just be a bunch of overhead that got in the way of it.

  • Love the idea. Just downloaded those rules today along with the Irradiated Freaks book to check it out. But some good old fallout meets mad max or something, scavenging or raiding sounds good to me!

  • @Tempest said:

    ERRRRRR! Derail.

    The fuck. A zombie MUSH? Any good?

    Some people seem to be having a great deal of fun.

  • Thanks for the note on NR. I'll give them a look to see how they're doing things.

  • Also, looks like this could be an interesting mix of AH and D&D 5e...

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