Olsson's Playlist

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    Past PC Bits
    Haunted Memories: Igor, Tim, Quinn, Garfield (and more I don't remember)
    The Reach: Roland, Bob, Warwick, Wright, Sofia, Ron (and more)
    City of Fog and Blood: Bruce
    Eternal Crusade: Roland
    Fallcaost: Richard, Johanna, Ulf, Whiskey,
    Bump in the Night: Joan
    Reno 2.0 Alexander
    Arx Gabriel

    Current PC Bits
    Fallen World Panopticon
    Fallcoast Keith
    Reno 2.0 Zeke

    Past Staff Bits
    The Reach: Carthage

  • Politics

    Updated with recent times and remembered characters, for whoever might care.

  • Politics

    Updated for stalkers.

  • *stalks despite not knowing who he is.

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