FFG Star Wars?

  • So, having been thoroughly energized by The Force Awakens, I'm wondering if anyone has, or knows where I could find, game code for Fantasy Flight Games' current Star Wars RPG System?

  • Pitcrew

    I've been playing around with a FFG system for a bit now. A tricky system but I think I have it going pretty smoothly at this point. If you're interested in checking out what I've done PM me and I'll let you know where my test site is.

  • It is tricksy, but awesome. Will help any way I can, in my 'I will test random shit and accidentally crash the game' fashion.

  • Coder

    Good luck on this! From what I have seen from local nerds at the gaming store, they really seem to like this iteration of Star Wars.

  • Pitcrew

    FFG is so narrative that it's fantastic, if you have a playerbase that can be mature in the results of rolls and story telling this system is a wonderful one.

    Then again, MU people and mature...

  • Pitcrew

    I am curious about the system. I do have a question, How easily/smoothly can you substitute normal dice for the specialty ones?
    fore example, fate/fudge dice can easily be replaced by regular ones with a 1-2 being a minus, 3-4 being blank, and 5-6 being plus.
    I know it is not logical but I will pay $50 for a game book but will not by funky dice even if they are cheap.

  • @ThatGuyThere

    pg. 12 of the Edge of the Empire rulebook has a chart listing dice types and conversion from numbers to results

    Also, each Basic Set comes with a set of dice in addition to the quick start rules, sample characters, maps, and scenario.

  • @ThatGuyThere Also, because I liked the maps, I got the quickstart boxes, which come with plenty of dice.

  • Pitcrew

    I think if you try to proxy the dice you'll find it very frustrating. I highly recommend any of the starter sets for any of the 3 lines. They come with a ton of things that will remain useful even if you graduate to the full on core rules (tokens, maps, dice).

  • Another option: there's a dice app for Android & Apple for $5. You can roll as many dice as you need with it and it also does normal dice rolling. You buy it once and put it in any number of linked devices.

  • Because I love thread necroz, bumping this to see if it ever became a thing?

  • TV & Movies

    @Jennkryst Nope.

  • I feel the game tried too hard to bring back the "magic" of dice, and the "authority" of non-patterned charts, and make a high quality, high cost product. Board games have been going this way for a while.

    In the end the non symmetrical distributions via dice, along with the chart with exceptions should just be replaced with easier to use versions.

    Likewise, I have found that the results of the dice aren't THAT helpful and could use a lot of suggestions and guidance for the players to work from (eg take your 3 advantage and apply it as a mental/emotional thing, or as a technological thing, etc). The charts seem to be rigorous and important, but so far haven't done much of anything for the game.

    Some of the other areas seem okay or even good. The main goal is player engagement.

  • @Misadventure It's Fantasy Flight, so at worst, it is going to be decent. Complicated as hell until you get the hang of it, but I have never played any game they have made and not had fun.

    .... but yeah, them dice do make for some silly stuff.

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