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  • Since at some point I moved from lurking forever to posting sporadically, I figured I might as well do one of these things:
    (Not exhaustive, b/c the list is kind of long as-is and I don't remember every alt at this point).

    Super Robot Taisen MUSH: Banjo Haran, Anavel Gato, Renais Shishioh, Ayato Kamina
    JLU MUX: Sinestro, Gilotina, Grace Choi, Lady Pendragon
    Match of the Millennium MUCK: May Lee, Cammy, Vice(pre-boot); Sagat, Zero(post-boot)
    Heroes' Dreams Rebirth: Emma Frost, Elsa Bloodstone
    Unlimited Universe: Emma Frost, Batwoman
    4 Color Comix: River, Wyrd Girl
    FFMUSH: Cecil
    HeroMUX: Spoiler, Wolverine, Xavin, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Ravager
    CoMUX/6th Age: Superboy, Winter Soldier, Kingpin, Storm, Luke Cage, Thing
    Brave New World: Sinestro
    Mythara MUX/Before The Dawn: Cordelia Chase

    CoMUX/6th Age: Wolverine, Loki
    Megaman MUSH: Zero, Splash Woman
    HeroMUX: Enchantress(DC)

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    This is Envy. >.>

  • @Coin

    Hey, what's up? It's been a looong time since then, I admit I'm shaky on who else you were(not sure now if I saw/interacted with your staffly persona)-- Superboy/Hellion, right?

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