Let's play cWoD 20th Anniversary Edition?!

  • So... I don't have the time or energy to actually run a game.

    But I will be glad to pay server fees and upkeep and maybe throw a few dollars at a coder if other people want to run one. I'll provide whatever support is needed.

    Hell you can even call me at 3am and complain about your abusive goldfish if it helps you get a game going.

  • I just got table top simulator. Entirely doable on that, or roll 20.

  • Creator

    What systems in particular? Like V20? Or were you thinking more M20 (or multisphere)?

  • Coder

    As @Duntada said, quite a few v20 WoD games on roll20 I think, or at least there was last time I was looking around at new games.

  • I was looking more for the MUSH side than online tabletop. I'd love to OTT but my strange hours preclude me from being able to do so reliably.

  • Mummy or bust.

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