Roleplay +Prefs

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  • This is exactly what I was looking for. Using it for sure!

    Is this an acceptable way to credit in the +help file - "RP +Prefs written by Cobalt@MUSoapbox" ?

    Plushelp file on the chance anyone wants:

    & +prefs
    Syntax: +prefs - Displays your current preferences.
            +prefs/list - Displays a list of available categories.
            +prefs/set <category>=<0-5> - Sets RP type with rating of 1-5.
            +prefs/note <note> - Allows notes with specifics to be added to types.
            +prefs/find <category> - Displays connected players with type at 3+.
    The +prefs system is designed to help players find like-minded roleplay
    Setting preferences can be accomplished with the +prefs/set <category>=<0-5>
    command, where the numerical rating is how much you enjoy that type of RP.
    Generally speaking, the following holds true:
        0 - no interest
        1 - mild interest
        2 - neutral
        3 - interested
        4 - significant interest
        5 - highest preference
    RP +Prefs written by Cobalt@MUSoapbox.

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    @highfalutin Of course, thank you! I'm glad to see it being used.