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  • RE: 2022: A New Year, New Dead Celebrities

    @Macha Wow. Not a good day for my inner teenager. These are rough. 😞

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  • RE: Good or New Movies Review

    @Ghost I enjoyed the new Hellraiser. Maybe not as much as the first one but on par with the second one. I don't think it was perfect but what is? I'll definitely watch it again and I'm eagerly awaiting the announcement of a sequel.

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  • RE: 7th Sea with Ares?

    It's been a while since I've read the 7th 2nd Edition rules, and I've never really immersed myself in FS3. I've poked at it before, mostly to see how well it would work for a Game of Thrones game, but that's about it. So what I'm about to say may not be 100% accurate.

    I think there are 3 potential ways you could make a 7th Sea game work with Ares. Each comes with some advantages and drawbacks.

    1. The first way assumes you can separate FS3 Action from FS3 Combat. I'm assuming you can since they're two separate plugins but I've never tried it. Assuming you can, you could use FS3 Action to simulate a makeshift version of 7th Sea.
    • This would allow you to use a makeshift version of the 7th Sea action economy.
    • This would give you complete web integration for character generation.
    • Some players might find it weird to use FS3 Action and not Combat.
    • This will not be anything close to a perfect conversion. You would need to count actions by successes(which may give you a lot of actions) or success levels, which would limit you to potentially 4(Success, Good, Great, Amazing). Since this is now narrative, you might be able to build on that with advantages.
    • Players would need to manage combats independently, using the dice as a guide for their RP.
    1. Using FS3 Action and Combat to create a 7th Sea inspired game.
    • Full web integration for c-gen and combat.
    • Players are familiar with this combo.
    • You'd have to abandon any pretense of simulating the 7th Sea action economy. FS3 Combat just doesn't work that way.
    • You might be able to simulate low-level magic so long as it is limited to narrative aspects and simulating weapons and armor in combat. Meaning nothing that FS3 can't already do. No deflection spells or anything like that.
    1. Not use any version of FS3 and use the 7th Sea system as it is.
    • You can play 7th Sea as it was meant to be played.
    • Minimal web integration(a sheet on a character profile and basic dice).
    • Players would have to manage everything independently combat-wise.

    I guess option 2 would be the best way to go for my money. If only because it'd be the easiest to set up and support. You'd lose the action economy, but you might have difficulty selling that to players anyway. I know I've encountered push back on it when I've tried to get it up and running in my tabletop games.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

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  • RE: 2022: A New Year, New Dead Celebrities

    F'n Coolio. 😞

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  • RE: 7th Sea with Ares?

    I would very much dig a 7th Sea game. I code up basic systems in Ares for fun and this has always been on my list. By basic I mean in-game c-gen with a sheet that can be viewed on the web. No significant web portal a integration.

    I also think an FS3 port could work well too. Someone coded up a plugin using the Pendragon morality system. I've been tempted to explore how that could work in a Game of Thrones style setting using FS3. I bet it could work/enhance a 7th Sea setting as well. But that's just my opinion.

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  • RE: The All-New Down With OPP Thread

    @Ganymede said in The All-New Down With OPP Thread:

    No offense, bud, but where did the fuck did you used to play? Because I created and played a fuckbunny and still struggled to consistently drum up fuckfriends.

    Seriously, I must give off some goddamned dread aura of unfuckability, but even praying mantises get more action than I do.

    I'm going to be unable to post on the forum any more because I'm dead. This fucking killed me. OMG.

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  • RE: The All-New Down With OPP Thread

    I'm not sure why but for some reason I feel the need to jump in and hopefully clarify some points.

    1. It's been brought up that I suggested Tony contact Warren OOCly. I did. I even provided some suggest verbiage to try and keep things mellow, essentially just making sure everyone was OOCly on the same page. Tony took a much more aggressive approach to the OOC communication than I had hoped. In the end, I probably should not have made that suggestion. I should have acted as a middle man and first asked everyone to sit on things for 24 hours to let emotions cool.

    2. A lot has been made of RS coming and calling sounding the DWOPP alarm. Everyone has their opinion on that, here is mine; I wish he had waited till I had done my investigation before saying anything at all. Once I had verified that Warren was not DWOPP, the entire post would not have been necessary, IMO.

    3. A lot has also been made over the Jean/Warren log. I just want to state that Warren was not banned over that log. The log was brought to my attention, I spoke with Jean at length about it, and she made it very clear that she had no problem with Warren or the scene and that I should not hold that scene against him. So I did not.

    4. I've hard call for receipts for the bans with some folk saying they need or deserve them. I won't lie, I've only recently read stuff from BMD so some(or most or all) may have come from there but it's a sentiment that's been put out into the universe at any rate. I disagree. People came to me with thoughts and concerns, I did my own investigation, I made my own decisions. Sharing anything that went on behind the scenes helps nothing. It's not going to change anyone's opinions and it is just going to potentially make some people uncomfortable. Sharing these things feeds the drama but I have almost never seen it actually help the situation.

    5. I've read some "we know why X or Y was banned". I want to assure you that you do not. No one was banned for any single reason and none of those reasons have been shared openly. Two of those people were banned blindly because I had just had enough and wanted them done and gone. I briefly shared the reason with the third because of our history together and I felt I at least owed them that.

    Could some of the things that went down been handled better? Sure. It's also easy to say that now and it's easy to say that if you weren't involved. I had been dealing with some of these issues for weeks. In the final week leading up to the 3 bannings it was a daily thing. It got to the point where I didn't want to log onto my own game because I knew I was going to have several messages about Player X or Player Y.

    Do I regret the bannings? I do not. It sucks to say because two of the people involved I think are actually decent people and I know I'll miss their friendship. Unfortunately, these were steps I felt I needed to take. In the end I think the game is stronger for it.

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  • RE: The All-New Down With OPP Thread

    sink down

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  • RE: RIP, Brus

    I have a sadness. 😞

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