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    I’m not answering because I think you’ll actually believe me, I’m answering so Bess and Hobos don’t have to keep having a circular conversation with you all.

    No. I didn’t TS Isaac. I RP’d all of once with him where I was acting as GM and was busy having a vampire spray other characters in the scene with pepper spray. For the record, I didn’t TS anyone on my game. Ever since people accused me of TSing a staff NPC that my character was actively plotting to kill I have stopped TSing random people and only rarely engage and only with people I’ve known for a while. Huh, it just hit me I was talking about TR but that applies to Arx too…

    I’m really tired of this particular community using the fact that I engaged in sexual RP in the past to shame me or question my judgments.

    The slutshaming you have going on here is all too familiar. I also have literally no idea what Derp is talking about how I have banned him from games because I wanted his TS partner, but he won’t provide receipts so idec.

    Now, this is literally the last of my attention I’m giving any of you.

    Just so we’re clear, @reimesu @Ghost @Derp @Ganymede Do me a favor, and don’t come around to any game I run in the future. Because you won’t be welcome.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    @reimesu lol Are you for real? Calling out the action would have been “This doesn’t make sense” or “seems like an unfair banning”.

    Not spinning up a whole tale about how I wanted Isaac for myself so banned one of his TS partners. Labeling me as just jealous, rather than as I said grossly distressed and disgusted by Macha’s RP.

    Hilariously, Isaac, Itzak, AND Macha are all not welcome to my next project. Because they are all, in my opinion, equally problematic and toxic to the community.

    The final straw for Macha was her trying to get other people to ask me for a copy of the game db for her.

    ETA But I forgot it is your precious Derp who can do no wrong.

    Y’all can fuck right off.

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    @reimesu said in Ruiz:

    @Bessarion said in Ruiz:

    And I'm done giving your dysfunctional ass attention. Just stop.

    (Bold is mine) That's a personal attack. Please stop.


    But spinning a story about how I banned Macha because I wanted Isaac for myself wasn’t? Y’all some on some hypocritical stuff here.

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  • RE: The Pack Discussion

    Your view of me is really disappointing and hurtful.

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  • RE: Hogwarts Legacy

    @Ghost I'm about 8 hours in and I'm loving it. This is generally not my type of game either(I'm generally more of a combat sports or Dark Souls person). I'm also not a huge Harry Potter fan. I enjoyed the movies and books well enough but only to read/watch them once each. This game, however, has sucked me right in and I can't seem to stop playing.

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  • RE: 2022: A New Year, New Dead Celebrities posted in Tastes Less Game'y
  • RE: Coming Soon: The Pack an Ares Game

    @Lyanna said in Coming Soon: The Pack an Ares Game:

    @Cobalt I love the look of the website, awesome work there.

    I can't really take credit for that! That was all Ren! Who is absolutely magical. I was just like "hey here's a background image" and they went to town.

    @faraday said in Coming Soon: The Pack an Ares Game:

    Supernatural isn't really my jam, but it looks really nice. The idea of werewolves and vampires revealing themselves on social media is hilariously imaginable.

    Isn't it tho? I was up googling when the first smart phones came out, when instagram and facebook and all that were all officially launched to get the dates right too, lol.

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  • Coming Soon: The Pack an Ares Game

    In a world where the existence of Vampires and Werecreatures was exposed in the early 2010s with the advent of smart phones and social media (and then opportunistic individuals going public on national and global television).

    To the Windy Plains Pack, home, hearth, and family are the most important priorities. That's why they accept any shapeshifter willing to abide by their rules as family. Pack-- Family --comes first. Everyone has a job. And no one starts any trouble that could harm the Pack.

    Set on the outskirts of Cheyenne, Wyoming, The Windy Plains ranch is home to the local shifter Pack. On just over 300,000 acres of land, the Windy Plains has been home to the Brunson family for seven or eight generations. Unfortunately, the local vampire Circle has decided they want that land. The city has been pushing closer and closer to the edge of shifter territory and now the Windy Plains is prime real estate for new, lucrative development.

    Warfare comes in many forms.


    • WHAT: The Pack is a game focused on a gigantic multi-animal shifter pack, located on a generational family ranch on the outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Pack would be happy to continue running their ranch with little outside intervention. However, the Cheyenne City Circle of Vampires has decided to invest in urbanizing more of the land outside of Cheyenne... and they want the Pack's land. Roleplay is meant to be family, ranch, and pack oriented. This is a game of Family vs Enemies (shapeshifters vs vampires), urbanization encroaching on relatively untamed landscapes, and small town struggles against big city money. All with supernatural adventures and mysteries.

    PCs will be allowed to play shapeshifters of almost any RL predatory animal (something that would bite a human being). Or human beings associated with

    • WHERE:
      Game: port 2022

    • WHEN: I'm putting on the finishing touches of grid and some theme webpages, then will be working on pregenned characters and npcs. I'm aiming for a soft open to alpha sometime within December. People are welcome to log in before hand and chat. But we don't encourage starting chargen just yet.


    Hello! I have been slowly working on this game for a while now. I'm getting to a point where I may be able to open to alpha! I have to finish the grid (which isn't as much of a thing on Ares games, thank god), add a little bit of info to the theme pages (oh my god I need more than just stat blocks for the monsters), and finish up NPCs and roster characters.

    I'm not really sure where to advertise these days, so here I am! Whoo! Hi! Also, I'd very much be happy if anyone wanted to leave me feedback on anything that is confusing or doesn't make sense. I apologize for any typos or grammar errors on the wiki (I normally have someone else proof read my stuff because my brain doesn't accept grammar and glosses right over typos).

    Anyway, I've been chipping away at this and I'm getting excited. I just wanted to share with people.

    Some interesting pages you might like:

    Oh, I've also just recently changed my mind about allowing human PCs as well as shapeshifter ones, so if you see any references on the website to humans not being allowed... disregard I'm going to go through and make sure all the pages are consistent before I open for apps.

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  • RE: 2022: A New Year, New Dead Celebrities

    @Macha Wow. Not a good day for my inner teenager. These are rough. 😞

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  • RE: 2022: A New Year, New Dead Celebrities posted in Tastes Less Game'y