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    I'm looking to build a 5th Edition MUSH. Okay...better rephrase that. I've been trying to build a Shadowrun 5th Edition MUSH. Started about two years ago. About a year ago I took it down thinking it would never come alive. There has been some renewed interest, so I figured I would bringing it back up.

    I'm running Evennia for a code base. Why? Because trying to learn the old MUSH code style was painful, and I find it a whole lot easier to learn Python than the old code.

    The server is up. I'm hacking my way through Python to get a MUSH built. To be honest, we've made some great headway but I'm far from a programmer. What I really need is to find someone who is a python programmer and just as passionate to see a SR5th Ed MUSH come to life.

    If this matches you, please chat me up. Let's see if our vision of a MUSH world can go from fiction to reality.
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  • I suck. I have a passion for programming and Shadowrun, but my time became crazy limited and will remain so for the next year.

    Also, Tirit is a pretty awesome person to work with.

  • If this were Rhost or TinyMUX I would help with code...

    Don't know diddly about Python though so good luck.

  • There is code floating somewhere for the 5e game that sputtered... dunno who has it. @ixokai maybe? Unsure how far it got, either.

  • Tirit has a ton of code written for the game already. It's very close to being ready. Just little things here and there that are needed for the game to be alpha/beta testing ready.

    Also, @Jennkryst , Tirit is the same person that had thrown something up several years ago, but didn't get enough programming interest to keep it afloat. It eventually sputtered and died until he decided to throw it back up again and give it a go.

    I hopped on, helped here and there where I could, but I ultimately can not generally provide the time to regularly throw lines of code up for the game, sadly. Hell, I don't even get a chance to play games in general these days. Damn, I just realized how high-tempo my life is right now, heh.

  • @golgoth @Tirit I'll offer what limited and flakey help I can?

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    @Jennkryst If you're interested, you can connect to port 6250. Chat up Bremen (that's me) there. If you're not familiar with Evennia, the pages work like traditional @mail server, and can be recalled later on. So even if I'm not on, I'll check regularly.

    @golgoth You give me too much credit. I don't know if it's a close as ready as you're boosting, but thank you anyways :) This time I'll still try and be patient with building this thing out, even if I don't get a ton of programming assistance. I can't promise, but I'll try.

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    I should have mentioned.
    You can connect to the game currently, although not much is available to the public. port 6250

    Pages work like mail, so even if someone isn't online, you can page them for review later. I'm Bremen, and Tirit there.

  • Pitcrew

    Staring intensifies

    I want this.

  • @DnvnQuinn Well, we're working on it (Okay, I mostly just spit balled ideas this week)!

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    @DnvnQuinn It's been a struggle to get it up and running. Especially since I'm not a programmer.

    I hear it all the time that people want a new SR MUSH.

  • @Jennkryst said in Deep Shadows - Shadowrun 5th Edition MUSH - Help Wanted:

    There is code floating somewhere for the 5e game that sputtered... dunno who has it. @ixokai maybe? Unsure how far it got, either.

    I never got that far making the code a thing. The other people seemed to vanish around me in the planning stage while I was still devouring the rule books.

    I can't code a project that's not alive. If its not obviously alive around me with other people doing things and such, that's it.

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    @ixokai I felt the same way a year ago. Which is why I got frustrated. Ultimately decided to hang up the hat for awhile.

    Ours is alive now. If you know Python, I would love to chat and see if maybe we can get a hand.

  • @Tirit said in Deep Shadows - Shadowrun 5th Edition MUSH - Help Wanted:

    @ixokai I felt the same way a year ago. Which is why I got frustrated. Ultimately decided to hang up the hat for awhile.

    Ours is alive now. If you know Python, I would love to chat and see if maybe we can get a hand.

    I know Python -- my day job is as a Python programmer, in fact. But I've only explored Evennia a mild bit. Granted, from what I learned of SR5 it'd be a lot easier to program in Python with a real language then it would be in Mushcode. But SR5's chargen seemed to be one of the most obscene things I've ever seen when I was considering coding it.

  • So, I actually had a semi-functional SR 5 chargen system for an SR 5 MU implemented in Evennia. And by 'semi-functional' I mean, complete hack job of silly code that I swore I'd come back to clean up sometime once I had a better grasp of how Evennia handled things.

    I've got to be honest, the more I read the SR 5 Matrix rules the less motivated I was to actually finish coding an SR 5 game -- have you guys actually played a table top of SR 5?


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    The book does not do justice for the SR5 chargen process, as odd as that sounds. I've done a few characters through it now on paper, although it does take practice or explanation. It's not a Chargen that you can just pick up. It's poorly writen out and it does not flow as smoothly as previous versions of SR if you do not have a seasoned player/GM.

    Which is why I would like a MUSH version, I think it would help people who aren't familiar with SR5, maybe having it explained will help.

    @Reason How far did you get programming the chargen system? If you have some of the code around, and don't mind me taking a look would you care?
    I've played several Table top games when it was first introduced, but not recently. I actually think SR5 is a good set of rules, although I didn't get far into Matrix rules. It's different, and if you're used to SR3 I can see why people don't like it.

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    @ixokai Let's talk. I would love to pick your brain, at minimum. Best case, maybe you and I have some commonality and we can get a MUSH coded, or maybe you can help me get past the Chargen stuff?

  • Part of the chargen issue was I had a serious love of the Lifepath system (since it prevented the ever-classic 'I spent X years in the military, but have 0 skills that would go with it' thing). So I pushed for it a bunch, even though it meant more work on our part to write up new modules.

    I still stand by a pure-karma build as the BEST way, because it is 'here is a pile of xp, GO FORTH!'... and still put Lifepath over your typical priority system, because ew priorities.

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    So ultimately, I want to do what the player will like. I don't see too much difference of balance issue between the character creations systems. So much as a roleplaying and preference difference. If I can get it player choice, I would love to create it as such.

    That being said, I would like to start with the traditional table Character Creation and build on from that.

  • @Tirit Pretty functional chargen -- Priority system. Adopted the classic feel of the SR Seatle/Detroit style of yesteryear: Moving through "Rooms" to select elements of priority.

    I think I had races, normal attributes, special attributes, active/knowledge skills/skill-groups wrapped up. I believe I had also completed Adept Powers, and either had implemented Cyber or had planned the implementation and was mid-way through. May have also had spells done.

    I think where I really hit a brick wall when it came to typing, by hand, the full gear catalog.

    As far as SR 5 Matrix -- the problem is that everything is so... flat. I think I lot of people got hung up on wireless bonuses for online gear, and couldn't get past computational complexity being a bigger bottleneck than data throughput -- but that's easily addressed just looking at the world around us, and the serious impact that parallel compute is having just today.

    What isn't easily addressed is why you would build a flat authentication model with no resource segmentation -- super irritating.


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