Jim Nanban's Playlist

  • Since I'm about to post a little and try something in the MU* world again, I figure I should create this list so people know who the hell I am/was.



    • Life changed. I'm a Mercy main in Overwatch, though! NanbanJim#1178


    The Greatest Generation

    • Bastian Hertz (WWII, Poland, Belgium, France, Greece), Fallschirmjäger NCO and my main.
    • Jukka (Winter War, D), my first TGG character.
    • Seppo (Winter War, D), crotchety old Jäger in the Winter War.
    • Sixten (Winter War), Einar (Winter War, D)
    • Vilhelm (Wehrmacht), Kunstler (SS)
    • Dowd (ANZAC/Newfie WWI, D), the little Newfie who fell in love with a machinegun (according to the trench rumours, anyway)
    • Thompson (ANZAC WWI, D), Lee (ANZAC WWI)
    • and maybe a few others

    Ravenswood Academy

    • Lucian, Luck-based student, joined at the hip with Aya
    • Twelve-Gauge (staff)


    • Irja, with the trolly kinks list. I was there to connect with OOC friends.

    Naruto Rivalry MUSH

    • Irii, the samurai-musume.

    Battlestar Kharon (I think)

    • Panda (short for Pandorian), the dumb Marine.

    The Reach

    • Tolik, aka Bob, is make think he is being the really cool guy. (Russian Mage)
    • Thomas, handyman and Malleus Hunter.

    Serenity MUSH (I think)

    • Jander, a former Black Company mercenary.


    • Valk, staffbit who helped run the game into the ground.

    ... and a few dozen other characters lost to time.

    Oh, I'm also Nanban Jim pretty much everywhere.

  • It was Serenity Mush and Battlestar... oh heck! The one that eventually became Kharon, I think? Been so long since we were on that game I forget. :/

  • Ooh, good point thanks!!

  • Pitcrew

    Holy shit, Ravenswood Academy. i was a staffer there and had a prehensile hair girl there.

  • @Cupcake Ah, I think you were from just before my time, then.

  • Just found my alt list in the TGG DB! :D