Star Wars or Starfinder?

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    Star Wars - as much as I love it - is a sweeping space opera. You can incorporate other elements, but that's what the game is built around.

    Actually, FFG Star Wars is explicitly built around focusing on different elements of Star Wars.

    We had a Firefly-type game with a bunch of loveable rogues on a rickety ship traipsing across the galaxy. We had a Star Trek themed game, where the PC's were the command crew of a larger exploration cruiser in the unknown reaches.

    Those are both Edge of the Empire games and could very easily not include a single stormtrooper or rebel soldier.

    We had, yes, a Star Wars style game where we were largely planetbound fighting against an evil regime.

    That's Age of Rebellion which focuses solely on the fight between the Rebels vs. the Empire.

    Anyway, I'd probably vote Starfinder, if only because I really don't think an FFG SW MU could work. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

  • There are a LOT of sci-fi games to choose from, though they do tend to clump together in what the game system is doing. Like many other RPGs, the setting is often the actual product, the rules just there to describe it. I mean how many Star Trek-like RPGs are there, outside the official actually Star Trek ones? Some use typical systems, some use ones that focus the action on teamwork, or the players describing and creating a lot more, and so on.

    And really the question is what setting do you want to play? Then get the mechanics. You don't want Darkside/Lightside tokens in your Star Trek game, even if you choose to use the Genesys aka current Star Wars RPG system.

  • So has anyone found a Starfinder MU*? Do they exist yet?

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    So has anyone found a Starfinder MU*? Do they exist yet?

    There are none, to my knowledge.

    I once thought about making one but the more I read the core book the more convinced I was that it probably would not work very well as the basis for a MUSH.

  • Starfinder without a shadow of doubt. I've DMed a few sessions, played a full story (<3 Solarian), and really enjoyed it.

  • Since I am more familiar with D20 systems I would prefer to play Starfinder. I also do enjoy the lore of Starfinder and there I feel is more discovery for folks in this newer system than Star Wars.

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    Now that Pact Worlds is out (And it's pretty good), there's at least a bit more meat to the Starfinder setting.

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    Babylon 5.
    Mass Effect.
    Transhuman Space.
    Fading Suns.
    Blade Runner.

    Really anything but Star Wars, Star Trek, or D&D in space (Spelljammer and Planescape are acceptable because they are unique and haven't been done to death yet.)