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  • Pitcrew

    Global messaging system that stores the messages when you're offline, and can be prefixed as a text, a phone call, comms, telepathy, whatever.

    I got a headache while working on the chargen stuff and decided to bang something else out fast. (Sometimes you just need a working, fun piece of code.)

    Help files are included but the general gist is this:

    • msg <player>=<message>
    • msg/<type> <message> - type can be almost any one word, including "butt".
    • msg <message> - remembers all your previous settings

    Supports multi-messaging too. Let me know if you find any bugs.

  • @melpomene This is awesome. Plushelp if it's of any use:

    & messages
    Messaging is vital to roleplay, whether through text, phone, or IM. Messages
    are sent whether or not the recipient is online. When they next log in, they
    will see an alert notifying them that they have messages in their queue.
    Syntax: msg <player>=<text> - Send a message to the specified player.
            msg/<type> <player>=<text> - Send <type> message, for example, phone.
            msg <text> - Send a message with the same settings as the last one.
            &msg-send-ra me=%%cw%%cR%%[RED ALERT%%]%%xn - Example of custom colorcoding.
            msg/off - Turn off messages, putting up to 50 into your queue.
            msg/on - Turns messages back on and displays message queue.
            msg/block <name>[=<reason>] - Openly block target from sending messages.
            msg/unblock <name> - Unblock a person who was blocked.
            msg/hide <name> - Secretly blocks target from messaging, queue disabled.
            msg/unhide <name> - Removes a secret/quiet block from the target.
            msg/view - Display any queued messages.
            msg/summary - View a summary of your message status.
    After a message is sent, the system remembers the last person (or group of
    people) you messaged, and the last type of message you sent.
    Messages display special behaviors when they start with :, ;, or |.
            :tests                  <-- Gallifrey tests
            ;'s test                <-- Gallifrey's test
            |A test happens.        <-- A test happens.
            Testing!                <-- Gallifrey says, "Testing!"
    Custom colorcoding can be set with variables on your character object. Using the
    example under the syntax list, anyone who receives a message from you with the
    'ra' switch (msg/ra <player>=<message>) will see a bright RED ALERT tag.
    Messages System by Melpomene@MUSoapbox.

    While testing I noticed that the built-in switches don't seem to work. For example, MSG/VIEW seems to think I'm trying to send a custom messaging type rather than checking the message queue:

    <ALERT> [VIEW] CodeWiz sends, "/view"
    <ALERT> [SUMMARY] CodeWiz sends, "/summary"

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