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    I know there's some cray that happened, but want to step away from that.

    Yesterday we had an involved scene with the Big Bad which went... not at ALL according to plan, and was a bit scary and tense.

    But it was also fun.

    My character comes across this kid with amputated legs and based on his knowledge, damnit he knows this kid's dead decades long, but he can't just leave him as the place burns down. So he carries him through the rest of the scene (taking a penalty). Some real bad luck hit, things got very tense, but they survived the encounter.

    There's mystery and investigation, questions about wth is going on, and people trying to figure stuff out. We don't have a clue as often as we have a hint of a clue, and its not a game which has people empowered to be powerful.

    It really does feel sorta like playing in a horror movie and since none of us are the vampires or werewolves that's interesting and unique.

    I'm liking it a lot.

    TODO; Bury the kids bones that you drug out of the past and see what happens.

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    @ixokai Yay! I'm really glad you're enjoying the game. I'm having fun telling stories and freaking people out. :D

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    I will be making a character... soon. Already logged in as Joey, and I’m slowly working through. I have to say it’s sad to not have anyone responding during the hours I’m working ok to chat (US day time, while I’m at work), but I ended up finding much of what I need in the wiki. Very good stuff, there.

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    @skew Ack! Sorry! I don't get on until about noon Pacific, and I work from 1pm to 6pm (though I get on from my phone).

    Halloween, my Co-God, is getting more active daytimes, though!

  • That actually illustrates my problem with the game. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who couldn't play PST hours. If you can? You can have fun.

  • Pitcrew

    @tnp Or non-PST players can stick around and soon there would be more?

    I'm always amazed by the hobby's reflex to just give up on things rather than try and make something work. I've scheduled every +event for no later than 8pm EST so the most players can attend. The most active player on the game is in Australia - if she can get RP, anyone can.

  • @botulism When it comes to effort and overcoming adversity in pretendy fun times, most people buckle like a belt.

  • @botulism Because there's an 'amount of RP' threshold to keep my interest. When it's not met, my interest in the character wanes much like what happens if approval doesn't come quickly enough (which was not a case here, it's just similar). Small game, bad timezones.

    If whoever it is is happy with the amount of RP she gets? Great. Everyone's different.

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    @tnp I do wish people would go RP more outside of plot stuff. Which is funny, because a number of people were convinced the game would be nothing but kissy-face and sexy-times because HS characters, and refused to play there. But no. They all RP plot and no social stuff.

  • Coder

    @tnp said in Now Open! Welcome to Lovecraft:

    Because there's an 'amount of RP' threshold to keep my interest. When it's not met

    Yeah, I sympathize with @Botulism but this is not really something you can put on the players. It's a game. Can you imagine if you booted up a video game on Playstation or something at it was all: "Sorry, you can't play right now for (reasons)." How many times would you try before you just threw up your hands? It takes a minimum critical mass to sustain a game. It's unfortunate but it's the reality.

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    @faraday said in Now Open! Welcome to Lovecraft:

    I get it. Having more on would help, though, but yeah.

  • Coder

    Getting players to RP outside of plot... one of the great wonders!

    I, meanwhile, will try to RP! And 8pm est is actually usually too early for me, and I’m in CST. So, we’ll see! I’m excited!

  • @faraday love this game called dreadnought but half the time I end up waiting in que for five+ minutes at a time. Havent booted it up in almost 2 weeks bc of that

  • Coder

    I've apped in my character and been approved, all in a few hours.

    I've never used the system before (Slasher Flick), but the wiki contains a nice, easily read, condense version of how it works. There's a walk through for character creation, which makes it nice and easy. In the afternoon/early evening, there were people online answering all my questions. I got approved in an hour or two, and RP'd that night! Very happy so far.

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    @skew Awesome! Glad you're having fun!

  • Pitcrew

    Had a great time here last night during a Halloween themed event with some others. @Botulism is a very quick GM that knows her stuff. Kill Scenes are pretty intense!

  • Pitcrew

    Sweet! I'm having a ton of fun running stories, and the system is very simple.

  • I can also speak to the game being fun. I've had some nice social scenes to help my character situated. But also, my first actual event on Halloween was a lot of fun, and very tense at times. And a lot of hesitation between 'I declare running away, forever' and having the character stick around trying to do something.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm looking to hire a couple people to help take some of the load of storytelling off me so things keep moving when I get busy with work. In particular I'm looking for someone to focus on Lovecraft High, running school events, keeping the kids active and busy beyond just 'Monster' stuff, and so on.

    Once The Nightmare Surgeon story ends and Season 2 starts, I plan to have a number of stories going: a game-wide story inspired by Silent Hill that I and others will run together, a to-be-determined high school story this new staffer would run, and a Cthulhu Mythos story I'll run for Miskatonic students. This will let me focus on getting college character and adult RP going and hopefully expand our playerbase as lots of players have reservations about playing high schoolers.

    I'd also love to have a couple newbie helpers to handle greeting Victims, answering questions, and so on. No +jobs, no responsibilities beyond helping out on channels and in the OOC room.

    Contact me if interested!