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  • We have three new staffers who will focus on the high school side so Showgirls can focus on developing the college side and encourage more adult RP!

  • Pitcrew

    Season One is a wrap! We used our first season to iron out the rough spots of the game system, develop the game world and give it depth, and create a solid core of PCs at Lovecraft High School.

    As we head into Season Two, I've brought on additional story Staff to take over the high school part of the game - IT, Silent Hill, and Evil Dead will be running stories and school-related events to keep things moving forward in our most active part of the game. That frees me up, along with new story Staffer Hellraiser, to focus on the university and adults who remember.

    If you've been holding off on joining the game because playing a high school kid has zero appeal, I totally understand. This is your chance to make a college student or adult who remembers and get your mortal horror fix. Character creation takes literally minutes and is extremely simple. I approve most characters in a hour or so, tops. No one has gone more than 24 hours.

    We already have a handful of college students approved, and with my being freed up to focus on THEM, this is the perfect time to join. With quick chargen, guaranteed plots open to all, and a cinematic RPG system where characters can really die in any Kill Scene, you won't find anything like it out there. Come join us!

    Here's a synopsis/teaser of the Miskatonic University Season Two story:

    Season Two: The Old Ways

    Miskatonic University has a long and rich history, and a good deal of dark secrets. When students start going missing, it causes concern, but the story one student tells after returning is stranger than anyone can imagine. Is there really a cult on campus? Are there horrific creatures living in the sea beside the island? And what do the two have to do with each other? THE SHAPE OF WATER this certainly is not! This story is geared towards university students and adults who remember.

  • Is this still up and running? The url isn't working.

  • Pitcrew

    No, it has closed and been kind of reborn as Horror MU.

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