MuxMadness and the games hosted there...

  • So the other day my MU hosting server suffered some kind of attack that did serious and apparently permanent damage to the OS I was running (debian). It is, at the very least, beyond my ability to repair.

    As such I'm going to be shutting the server down. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have been unable to make backups of any of the MUs I have hosted there. None of the commands seem to work any more, I just get errors ranging from memory to "proc not installed". I'm going to recover whatever I can, even if it's just the raw netmux.db files, and store them in the hopes that they can be recovered somehow.

    So if you're one of the games that was hosted on my server (Saturnine Dreams, Pulp Age, DC After Dark, Changing Breeds, or whoever else) and would like a copy of whatever I'm able to recover just let me know and I'll send along what I have.

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