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    @faraday Well we didn't ignore the dice. The dice were excellent adjudicators of the fiction. Succeeding here, failing there, developing a story around those things. I think the important thing was the fact that we did not have to remember all about our feats and powers and what not we could, instead, focus on creating cool aspects and consequences and things of that nature. I'm not saying the various SW RPGs are bad, most of them are quite good, but this was a really fun change of pace with FAE putting the focus on developing the fiction instead of memorizing a laundry list of rules and things of that nature.

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    @faraday said in Fate Accelerated Questions:

    I think that the statement above would ring foul to a lot of MU players. It seems hard on the surface to swallow the idea that Hulk Hogan's strength should be as important to the story as Superman's strength. That right there strikes me as the fundamental piece that folks have to buy into for a FAE game to work.

    With friends around a gaming table, it's easier to come to consensus that Bob and Mary should both have equal influence on the story, regardless of the power disparity between their characters.

    I think this is an issue every game regardless of system or medium played over should address. One of the things i do during the c-gen session of every game I run in TT is go over not just the system that will be used to but also a talk on what the expectations for the game are, sometimes even with that it can still take time for players to adjust.
    On a MUSH it is even more important but harder to do since a lot of times staff doesn't talk tot each player and while you can lock an exit to force a person to run the command to view a help or info file you can't really make them read it.

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    @zombiegenesis said in Fate Accelerated Questions:

    I will say that last night we opted to do some Star Wars using FAE and we had THE MOST FUN we have ever had playing Star Wars. Instead of trying to figure out what we can and can't do based on feats or powers we just justified doing "Jedi Stuff" using our aspects and had a freaking blast. It was phenomenal.

    The most fun I have had with a Starwars campaign was one using Fatecore so I am with you there. Though the pulply big screen action of Starwars really is what Fate was designed for.