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    Why would one hope to out grow it if it's still something they enjoy?

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  • @thatonedude Sometimes I hate the things you say.

    Today is not one of them.

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    @apos said in TMC:

    Their forums were significantly more hostile than MSB's, imo. It pretty much was a half dozen game owners that loathed each other posting regularly.

    This conversation is so old but I hadn't seen in, and have to comment because man, I know/knew at least three of the most vocal of the 'arguing admins' and it was just ridiculous and predictable but also hilarious.

    My favorite TMC forums thing was the ENDLESS GRUELING debate about what games can call themselves RPIs and why. So many pages, so many feelings, and nobody cared but them.

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    From experience, TMC's forums empower game owners to silence criticism on their games and that's never a good thing. I recall, without naming names, one incident where someone posted in a thread with several logs as back-up about a case of harassment coming from an admin on a game to warn prospective new players of this abusive staff, and the game owner made noise until TMC mods silenced the conversation and things went back to the status quo of the game owner posting ads and patch notes for their game like nothing ever happened.

    Perhaps the most damning thing about it is that it hadn't devolved into what we'd consider Hog Pit material immediately. The person voicing concerns about harassment and providing logs was civil and polite, it's the game owner that went straight into Hog Pit mode. Unfortunately, TMC's policies are basically that game owners are always right about their games. It's not the greatest environment.

  • @salty-secrets In other words, it's promoting exactly the sort of attitude that the first iteration of WORA was aimed at putting a stop to, even if it used an endless series of four-letter-words to do it.

    Seriously, proof positive intent actually fucking matters.

  • @surreality

    To be honest the original Wora was mainly there to out shitty staff by trolling them hard. This is why Rasheem, to get back to Wora’s roots, went to Pillow Fort and pretended to be nice in order to report on how they manipulated other games, and to out them hard and laugh about it.

    Whether or not he was successful is another story.

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    @thenomain I think in general it is a net positive. Many people may not have liked the angry and frothy manner in which it was done, and yeah there was at times a tenancy to dogpile and tear people apart over the littlest thing (something that I do think has become less of a thing on MSB and as many of us have grown) i think that this communities intolerance of staff cheating and bullshit is an incredibly good thing.

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