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  • I was being facetious and a little overexcited--as I am wont to do--but I get it. Black Hat =/= Asshole. I am just reminded of those in your face types and how poorly that would go for me. Anywho, I think I might look in that direction for a change and a challenge. I play so many heart of gold types, I'm kinda getting sick of myself. I had a CoD Mage that was an attempt at that black hat vibe. I can probably channel that. Thanks y'all.

    @Ganymede I have a whole tattoo dedicated to The Last of Us and man, given the chance, I would play the hell out of a Joel-type character. He's been on my shelf since that glorious summer...
    the last of us

  • Pitcrew

    Bad guy ralph

  • Pitcrew

    Is there any sort of PST/EST overnight crew? Or does it get pretty quiet around that time?

  • Pitcrew

    I'm an EST night owl so I crash sometime around 11 or 12. I thiiiiink there's usually some signs of life still when I logout, but it's not as active as earlier in the evening.

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