Reno is closing! ....Or is it?

  • Pitcrew

    Here is as good a place as any to put out a call.

    I got my idea for my PC. I mentioned here (Or somewhere else) that I was going to reimagine my Psychic -> Vampire as an M+. Well, the "reimagining" has taken a turn and I kinda don't even know this guy anymore. (Besides his PB. That stays.) My point is, I have a lot of ideas and no one to collaborate with or keep my overexcited ass in check. So, I'm gonna drop my idea here and if anyone is interested in connections or the like once this lovely game comes to fruition, I am totally game.

    Inspired by Daredevil, the basic gist is Psychokinetic Vigilante. He finds out about X crime or Y crime and he hits the streets armed with some decent enough fighting skills and the ability to fling icicles and large objects WITH HIS MIND. In his current draft, he has an adult daughter who patches him up from his big dumb escapades but kicks him out afterward. He's technically homeless, living in a van and doing odd jobs and day labor to feed himself but righting the wrongs of the city is his real job, if you ask him.

    That's what I got. That and a google doc of random floaty ideas. So, ya know, any interest in that kinda thing...HMU, yo. A partner would be kinda cool.. An actual PC to do the patching. A connect in the police force. A fellow homeless sidekick. A lawyer to keep his stupid ass out of jail. Ideas! Ideas everywhere!

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    @coin Second Edition Hunter is already being written. It has sneak peeks posted on the OP site.

  • @sunnyj said in Reno is closing! ....Or is it?:

    @coin Second Edition Hunter is already being written. It has sneak peeks posted on the OP site.

    Is it another round of bullshit "Hunters are puppets of supernatural entities lol"?

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    @thenomain I have NO idea! I haven't been following close enough! I have nothing against one or the other either way. I always saw the Conspiracies as your Org and your worst enemy anyways!

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    My biggest piece of advice to a new "Reno": Put all your rules in one place. Don't reference rules that don't any longer exist without access to cached old wikis. Make it easy to find those rules and enforce only rules you've actually written down somewhere. That's the stuff that really killed my enthusiasm for Reno, personally, aside from its general lack of RP aside from a (very) few vampires.

  • @rdc Agreed. The last wiki we had, after Mechanipus shut down suddenly, was the product of several people frantically saving as much as they could from the old site, and then trying to recreate it on the new one. Some things got left out, some were simply left unfinished. I personally take responsibility for the failings in the Werewolf section, and I fully intend to make sure that it's fully fleshed out this time around.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm gonna come back as a weedwolf. More weedwolves and weed-blooded would be welcome, too. Because lol weed.

  • Merry Christmas to all!

    Wanted to hop on and let people know that this project is still happening! Our busy little beaver backsides have been working diligently at it, and there's still plenty to do! Unfortunately, this means that our initial hopes of opening with the new year likely won't happen. Might be just a trifle longer. But you roleplaying types are notorious for your patience, right? <snerks>

    I blame the holidays.

    In the meantime, we're opening up a Discord server where people can chat, network with other players, offer suggestions, ask questions, et cetera. The invite link is here: and will not expire. Feel free to pass it along to others, too! The more, the merrier.

    And now, I dive back into frenzied gift-wrapping, because procrastination. :D

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