Dekken, Tuomo, Sidney (a playlist)

  • Hey there! I'm terrible with names, so in case you are too I've thrown in identifying context wherever I could.

    If you recognize any of my characters I would love if you said hi.

    The Network: 2020

    Leocadio Vasquez
    Hedonist gadfly.

    The Savage Skies: 2020

    Liam Byrne
    Irish mechanic here to fix things and Have Opinions.

    Isaac Cohen
    American theatre kid here to fight fascists.

    The Ares system is new and strange to me, and I have no idea what I'm doing. Hello!

    Arx: 2018-2019

    Sidney Whisper
    "Everyone needs something, and I'm very good at being that something."
    Member of: the Whisper House

    Irreverent courtier who spent 90% of his time getting cheerfully drunk with people.

    Haven: 2016-2018

    Tuomo "Tommy" Virtanen
    a lanky, brown-haired young man
    Member of: The Red Gold Society, The Lamplighters, The Synthesis Project

    100% human guy who stumbled in and out of a lot of Deep Plot. I still get wistful about Tommy. I was lucky to play with some great people.

    Cade Torres
    a rangy, hard-jawed teenager with shorn hair
    Academy student

    Tense, sulky Academy student. Accidentally specialized in having conflicting desires around empaths.

    Lane Hawkins
    a freckled, dark-eyed woman with thick, curly hair

    Everyone assumed she was a werewolf, so she got locked up during full moons. Spoilers: she was not actually a werewolf.

    Nikolas Levesque
    a trim, dapper man with bronze hair and full beard
    Member of: The Scions

    German Demigod Veteran. Present at the final battle with Sarkur, was marginally helpful in saving the world.

    Marshall "Mars" Carver-Heinz
    a pale, slim man with dark blue eyes
    Member of: The Vanguard

    A feral, unapologetic Faeborn mess who was occasionally charming.

    Milo Vasquez
    a rangy, hazel-eyed young man with curly blue hair
    Blackfield College student. Member of: The Libertines

    A charming Faeborn mess who was occasionally feral and unapologetic.

    Armageddon: 2011-2013

    the compactly-built dreadlocked man
    Atrium student, Aide to House Borsail

    Dekken was my very first Armageddon character, and he lived two and a half years real-time before I retired him. Two and a half years. Poor immortal bastard.

    Echoes of Albion: 2011

    a lanky, curly-haired man with a lame left arm (or something like that)
    Bard with one good arm who made a lot of embroidered belts

    Dark and Shattered Lands: 2008-2009

    Denian Mellos
    Something something Lawful Neutral bard in Verminasia/Arkane?

    Edited 1/06/20: Added Liam, changed sort order to reverse chronological because pfff who likes scrolling.

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  • You're a really good writer who makes incredibly realistic and enjoyable to interact with PCs. I'm glad to see you've found a new home.

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