Shadowrun: Denver Plot(s)

  • Pitcrew

    Couple of one-shots up to be GM'ed (hit me up if you'd like to GM) or play in. If you know you're lore, you might know where the larger meta-narrative is headed.

    White Hat Run: Following a spate of burglaries against major research facilities rumored to have had dragon materials (scales, talon clippings, or worse), major Universities in the Denver FRFZ are beefing up security and hiring runners to purposefully break their security to find holes. Runners must have a SIN (fake or otherwise) to be reimbursed for payment (Medium Security Run) and absolutely must not kill/maim/steal anyone/thing. Consider the SIN burned if you do. Oh, and of course the University security detail won't be informed of the test. Need a real-world react.

    Black Hat Run: Tir Taingire, "The Land of... Tir Faskiti'tish" has entered a de-facto elven authoritarian dictatorship. Hestaby has left the Council. The lower class token advisory boards and Star Chamber effectively dismantled. Lugh Surehand regains power through sheer force and indiscriminate internal magical attacks. Martial law has been instituted for the non-elven. The Hunt (elite royal Tir forces) are getting antsy at the southern front and have hired a group of runners to go hunt some rebels in the disputed territory between Tir and CalFree. And they want scalps as proof. Runners must avoid CalFree troops, left over rebel factions licking their wounds, and well, anyone or thing they stumble across in their bloodlust.

    One GM per plot, available payout determined with your input and Staff. Results will impact upcoming narrative choices and game news.

    Denver Shadowrun MU* is a multi-player environment set in Denver in 2079. This fractured city gives ample opportunity for shadowrunners to delve into a myriad of possible story lines, from political intrigue to mob wars to deals with dragons. The game also branches out into North America and the world, with narrative storytelling and player interaction.
    Port: 1999


  • Pitcrew

    Here's the general state of the game as well:

    June 2079: A corp war between Lone Star and Knight Errant smolders as the last vestiges of an angry gang revolt in the Warrens burns itself out via an established corp-cooperative blockade. The last refuge of the SINless in Denver, is all but sealed. A black market rises in vouchers for food, water, and clothing between various alliances inside.

    Outside the Warrens, just as the corporations warm up after a minor local recession, prominent Talismongers begin to disappear. And Tir Taingire operatives are lobbying the Denver Council to admit their nation as a sitting member following Lugh Surehand’s power grab in the face of an internal rebellion and Hestaby’s sudden absence, rumored as a pending resignation.

    Denver’s position as the neutral ground between the four nations that now dominate the former USA more precarious than ever before. Are these disparate elements tied or is this a conspiracy of paranoia…

    This tortured city has been through hell and back, but an unseen force may be manipulating forces at a tenuous time of relative peace. Will you stop it, find an angle for yourself, or be another dead chummer?

    Shadowrun: Denver runs on the Shadowrun 3rd Edition ruleset

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