Star Trek: Dreadnought Atlas OPEN

  • "The year is 2267. The war's over before it even began, it only lasted a few bloody days.

    People are rejoicing that we were saved by the Organian interference, dancing in the streets. And yet it's been... an anticlimax. An early end to a conflict that would have put the federation firmly above the Klingon hordes.

    I made the Atlas to end the war. Made sure she had the best we could offer. And now?

    What good is a warship when there's no war to fight? What good is a Soldier without a war to fight? And what happens when the Organian's don't have our back anymore?

    It's about time for a change..."

    Star Trek Dreadnought Atlas is an Ares FS3 mush set in the original series era of Star Trek on one of the most powerful warships the federation has ever built. Now without any major war to fight the Nx-1900 USS Atlas is on a new kind of mission, a mission of peace.

    How will a crew trained for combat and war handle situations of diplomatic peace in an age of progress and relative safety. These are some of the questions in the background of this game.

    In the foreground experience a single ship game centered around the crew and their lives. No complex space systems, multiple player factions waging war against each other. Just good old fun exploring the stars meeting new life and new civilization, boldly going without mountains of paperwork holding the action hostage!

    Join the action over at or just check out our discord by going to where you can meet other players and get easy access to the latest information on updates or upcoming events on server. We're boldly going into a new tomorrow, from the 60's are you ready to jump aboard?

  • So glad to see you've got this going. :) It sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Pitcrew

    To note, they have a grid up now (small but very functional and well written) and their theme seems a cool conceit: Basically, the ship they are setting it in was designed as an over-engineered prototype 'doomsday weapon' (my words, not theirs) - and now without an apocalyptic war against the Klingons looming, they have this absurdly powerful, very high-maintenance, buggy and impractical ship made from prototype technology with tons of engineering compromises - and no war to shove it in. Its a neat conceit; the idea that not all engineering is good engineering, and that compromises might be made for the sake of performance which turn out to not be the best. I mean, this is something you see IRL that never really shows up in Trek. And the Original Series era is always kickass, right?

    I'm not saying it as eloquently as possible, but after taking a look around, I like it. And their staffer seems friendly and available. Just my two-cents.

  • Pitcrew

    This place just finished its first event chain; an exploration of a starship graveyard that wasn't quite what it first appeared. I stand by my initial review, and I'll add this to it - the staffer seems to honestly understand Trek, its not 'star wars in a star trek skin'; the plot felt like a Trek plot each step of the way, like something that could have been a multi-part episode of an actual Trek series.

    The staffer seems good at giving people things to do when GMing an event, and seems available and interested in his/her game. I also still really like the TOS vibes, since its set in the middle of the original Enterprise 5 year mission; though there are some hints about temporal shenanigans from the 'season opener' they were done in a clever and tasteful way that called back in subtle ways (for those who got the references, it was clear enough to not be required) to specific series plotlines and even specific episodes. Honestly, I've been pretty impressed by the quality of the forethought and plotting that has gone into it.

    There are currently 3 scientist PCs, 2 engineers, one shuttle pilot, one doctor, one security-officer, and one enlisted rifleman. Still plenty of space to go around. This is the ship they are using (single ship game):

  • Hey thanks for the review on the place. I've honestly just been doing what I can to try and run a game I would want to play. If it happens to be good star-trek then that's just because it's what I'd want to see out of the game. We just brought on our first plot staffer to try and get things running in more timezones. Hopefully we'll be able to keep on the same page and get something for everyone to get involved in.

    I really want to make sure everyone at least gets the chance to get involved in roleplay that they can sink their teeth into while trying to keep the star-trek feel as I remember it from growing up watching the show without going too insane on the stories. My main priority is and has been to try and make sure the game is run how I'd want to play.

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