Integrated Science Fiction Code System

  • I've decided to freeware my science fiction code platform, once I finish it, with a system of coded commands to customize the coded terminology along the needs of the theme.

    It includes: A pairing skill-based combat system non-reliant on statistics. A set of nine power-ups, notable for their math, that alters the skill system. A customized metapowers system that advances alongside advancement points. A zone-damage system that reduces damage synchronicity from damage/dodge tradeoff bonuses built into the combat system. An enhancements system built into a monetary marked economy for boosts in combat, that can be purchased and deployed in fight with money earned from the previously mentioned zone-based damage system. A set of non-competitive skill rolls that work to determine winners, as well as playing into the enhancements system for roll bonuses. An up-down-neutral voting system to advance player influence. A business system to allow players to purchase investments along different markers that have different meanings conducive to customization. An alliance system, to enhance gain of influence or non-competitive skills (as opposed to combat, built by fighting). A merit token system, for plot power, purchased from a pool of business capital. A ten culture system, with a voting council, rules and culture names determined by the staff. A sub-system within the ten cultures, for individual groups of players to congregate in, at the determination of players and staff. Finally, a completely integrated chargen system.

    This system is almost entirely complete, besides the integration of the enhancements system.

    If you're interested in the project, drop by at

    Ignore the window dressing, I don't have a theme on this place, and I probably won't be doing a crime theme, wouldn't want to be redundant with Shadowrun: Denver already in place.

  • @Chet

    What platform? Mux, Penn, Rhost, Evennia, Ares?

  • PennMUSH

  • Here's the decompile (sans enhancement system, at the moment). system decompile.txt?dl=0

    Documentation forthcoming, although available for link, deeply buried in other files, on my MUSH listed in the thread main article.

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