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    @Pandora said in Tyche Banned:

    @Pandora said in Tyche Banned:

    Racial slurs, threats of violence, malicious intent to make people feel unsafe or unwelcome - all of these are against the rules & I personally don't understand why @Tyche wasn't banned ages ago, as much as we've discussed spirit vs. letter of the law here.

    Don't act like I didn't cover that sort of situation in my post, it's disingenuous & that's only if I'm being generous about your intentions.

    Do you think I was arguing with you?

    EDIT: This is a serious question. I do not understand your hostility when I think my post mostly agrees with yours by providing an interpretation of Kestrel's words that I thought would be clarifying; yet you act as if I was disagreeing with you. Is that what's going on here?

  • Regardless, everyone, this is not the venue for arguments. Please continue elsewhere. (This is the Announcements section.)

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