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    Welcome to Penmarth; a wind-swept little town in Queen Anne's England. The 18th century has just begun, the winds off the Atlantic are harsh, the excisemen and tax collectors never rest, and the press gangs of the Royal Navy lurk in the taverns. Life is not easy, but it’s rarely boring.

    Smugglers, harlots, seadogs; tradesmen, artisans, fishermen, and the occasional penniless gentryfolk. This is Penmarth, a struggling hamlet in Trelawney Cove, in the far south of England. A motley community just trying to survive and make tomorrow a little better than yesterday. A small town like any other small Cornish town, except --

    Except it's not unusual here to find men and women, and some either or none, living, working and even marrying outside of traditional gender roles. You could ask over a pint at the Red Lion, but ask politely -- the people of Penmarth defend their ways fiercely, and are quite ready to go toe to toe with any outsider thinking they know what’s best.

    Trelawney Cove is a relaxed sandbox game. We favour PVE over PVP, telling a story about a community, where the social experience outweighs chasing fast plot and high drama. You create your story, at the pace that suits you. We are an alternate history game in which daily life is often grungy, smells of seaweed, but unusually tolerant. A game not about winning or conquering, but about being human.

    Will you be a fisherman running cargo past the noses of the queen’s excisemen? A daring pirate retiring from the South Seas? A trader profiting from the sale of salvaged goods? A wrecker, directing ships to dangerous reefs so that there will be something to salvage in the first place? A merchant, a midwife, an artisan, a farmer, a shepherd, a miner?

    Trelawney Cove is still in alpha development but we now take applications. We're a pretty laid back, slow paced place to suit 2020, a year where everyone is exhausted, and where staff is happy to take feedback and suggestions. Come make your mark on the coast of Cornwall today!

    Good opportunity for Europe based players, and those on slower schedules through work, timezones or illness.
    or port 1707

  • Added bonus (or deterrent): Me.

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    I wasn't allowed to use the 'If you're looking for high octane action and plot at breakneck speed, jog on, this ain't the game for you' line. Got vetoed. Much sadness.

  • @Caggles said in Trelawney Cove:

    I wasn't allowed to use the 'If you're looking for high octane action and plot at breakneck speed, jog on, this ain't the game for you' line. Got vetoed. Much sadness.

    That's what you get for holding votes while I'm asleep. I'd have encouraged that line.

    Ugh. I should take a nap.

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    Make some rosters and I'd grab one in a minute. I don't have the brain for CG right now.

  • @tek It's on my to-do this for this week. :)

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    reading through characters, i'm fuckin sold on "substantial jewish population"

  • @tek We're getting a fair number of Jewish characters which is honestly not very surprising given that the vast majority of historical settings tend to largely ignore them. No one's sad to see the character demographics reflect our hype text.

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    Completely off-topic, but my family and I would go walking along by Wheal Coates (in the picture above I am pretty sure) every year on vacation when I was a kid. It made me smile to see it.

  • @Pacha I believe you're quite right. Picture's nicked from Unsplash, a free picture site, and I do believe that's where it was taken.

  • Honestly, just pick a name, come up with a concept that fits the setting, stat yourself in a manner that suggests you're aware that you're living at the ass end of nowhere, and you're done.

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  • Oh yeah. If you are checking out the game, the census now includes character concepts, which kind of tells you who is playing what vaguely.

    Anyway, the game skews towards older characters because you get more points for being older, and in general, we think it is more interesting to have characters with a little life experience to back up why they're a world-class swimmer who has retired to a weird little town at the age of 19. Not that the points really matter, because we generally roll things when players are like, "Oooh, can I roll <insert skill here> for this plot?!" and I'm like, "Sure." Or I'm like, "Roll to swash your buckle as you swing between the two ships so that we can see how dramatically you manage to do it."

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    October 1707. The coast of Cornwall is a windswept, exposed place, and a huge, unprecedented storm coming in off the Atlantic could mean danger, it could mean battening down the hatches, or for the entrepreneurs of Penmarth, it could mean profit.

    Trelawney Cove is officially switching to open beta from the beginning of November, and we’re launching with a slow-safe week of action from 24th October around one of the greatest storms in British history, for those who want to be involved.

    We are above all a collaborative sandbox game, deliberately aimed at those of us with less time or ability to play constantly, whether through illness, family, children, work, or just 2020 on the whole. Staff do not run plots out all the time - instead we provide the buckets and spades, the tools for RP, support and ideas, and we improvise together to build a beautiful sandcastle.

    Now is a good time to get a character on the grid if you’d like to help build our story. You don’t need to be a historian to play - if you can smell the salt air and the whiff of gunpowder on the breeze, if you can feel the resentment in this small town for the threat of the authorities, or the oppression of the outside world for our safe haven of Penmarth, drop by and find your place with us.

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