Kickstarter: Chronicles of Aeres

  • Hey everyone - some very old buddies of mine are building a D&D 5th edition campaign setting. They described the game setting as a mix of all the greatest elements of 80s & 90s fantasy, from Secret of NIMH to Wizards to the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings cartoons alongside old folklore and the like.

    As per the Kickstarter:

    Aeres is a young world. It's a world filled with wonder and enchantment; a world of mists and mystery. A world whose normalities are the myths and legends of our folklore. In Aeres, your next door neighbor could be a talking fox, while a unicorn remains your closest comrade. Dragons the size of mountains spawn eternal legends in their wake; cities skyrocket upward in magnificent marble and silver spires; magical forests shelter trees and animals who can talk, and enchanted springs bubble forth with the very secrets of life. And yet, Aeres is a realm thrust into the clutches of darkness one time too many. Its fairytale splendor has been shattered over the centuries by ruthless and wicked sorcerers, tyrannical emperors, and unfathomable intruders from beyond the veil of shadow.

    Thanks for your interest!