I did mean it more like so you didn't feel like you had to be around or what have you. 'On call' was probably the wrong term. Or do anything unless you want too/something breaks I can't fix. I'm pretty laid back about everything. Only time I'm not is when people are treating people like shit who don't deserve it (See Troy's attitude towards Thenomain, Dresden, Roanoke, and Salem for example), constantly breaking the rules, or when people ignore theme. I actually like the wiki idea for a roster system. Humm. Except my wiki knowledge is bupkis. I don't like the default stuff in TinyMUx. I haaaaateeee how the code looks. My coding isn't the best, by a long shot, but it looks neater than the default stuff. I can code the basic stuff myself. Except i hate setunion() because I can never make it work correctly. I could probably roll without any sort of code but the basics but every mu* I've been on outside of TS ones have a stat system. Or at least it seems like that. The want of a combat system is because I hate trying to figure out combat and it balances out the people who play fairly and those who ALWAYS HAVE TO WIN ALL THE FIGHTS. Also, most of the people I know tend to prefer some sort of stat system.