Glad that I picked up on digitalocean. Current host for the wiki has flaked out and, somehow, when they did an upgrade , somehow broke PHP dependencies for mediawiki it looks like. Wiki is in the process of transitioning (yay backups), but writing process is going slow. Chargen is more or less done, I just have to rejigger a couple of things from the changeover from the WoD LARP version to the custom system for HotB. Pre-built lists of powers are... well... they are what they are. I haven't completed them. I'm really thinking about just finishing up the rest of the files for history and everything, finish up the XP system (I just need to figure out how to paginate the thing), and then go, and not worry about the auto-combat, and just have a +check system in place, and let people free form their powers based on the levels. I'm going. It just... is what it is. Ugh.