That's one of the bigger concerns. Ultimately, my thought process on it, is that it's not intrinsically an easy ritual. It's less 'drop a Phoenix Down' than it is 'invoke Pluto, get a trial to try to bring Jane of House Gaius back to life'. In the vein of Orpheus and Eurydice, it would involve more than just 'Yo, Pluto, my buddy is the most bad-assest bad-ass monster killer ever, and we need him back.' 'Okay, here ya go!' Like, resurrecting the most powerful member of the Legion Mortuum who died from treachery, would require something different than resurrecting your favorite fuckbuddy offspring.

It would more be a plot unto itself, and probably (since it would be a staff-controlled end point) something that would have some tailoring guidelines, and the resources used in general (not just from a plot participation standpoint, but from a resources standpoint; I envision the trial requiring a LOT of blood at least, if not other things that would cost resources in the form of Downtimes, Influence and such).

I could also see some good roleplay come from actually FAILING, and at least getting to perhaps exchange final words with Jane from House Gaius before she straight up goes to... well... no one really knows where a Blooded goes when they die.